Construction Activity for the week of May 12, 2014

Here are the construction activities planned for the week of May 12.

First and most important!!! The construction fence will be moved on Monday, May 12 to begin demolition of part of the existing parking lot. We will lose several parking spaces but will begin construction on the temporary parking lot just west of LAS to compensate for those lost spaces. It will take about 2 weeks to complete the temporary parking lot. Because we will use the millings from the demolished parking lots to cover the temporary parking for dust control, we need to demo the existing parking first. We are trying to save as many parking spaces as possible, but the new plaza area is going to be a prominent piece of our campus and will take up much of the existing parking. Fear not, we will have about 580 parking spaces at the new campus when everything is complete. Aside from the fence and parking inconveniences, we will be placing one more tree in a storage container and demolishing many of the existing curbs. Sewer lines will continue being installed and water lines should begin to be installed. You might have noticed several large rectangular holes on the site east of LAS. These are not for burying administrators, but for the Nursing, Science and Education building footings. This week those holes will be filled with reinforcing steel and concrete will be poured over that toward the end of the week. You will also see more dirt being moved as we dig deeper to accommodate the ramped floor in the auditorium/lecture hall. Please be aware of all of this activity with the changing site and demo work occurring in the parking lots. Use extra care when driving and walking in the parking areas. Your safety is our top priority.

Kevin Butler

Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration