Department of Social Sciences

In formal terms, the Social Sciences examine human systems and interactions at personal and societal levels. Informally, the Social Sciences deal with many of life's most compelling and controversial issues. Key areas of study include the self-concept, prejudice and discrimination, sexuality, personal relationships, criminal behavior, memory, and culture. In short, the Social Sciences address topics that touch every corner of our daily lives and interests, but use rigorous scientific methods to reveal the innermost workings of people and society. As social scientists cultivate a better understanding of social life, they also unearth ways to resolve pervasive and long-standing social dilemmas. In this fashion, many social scientists strive not just to understand the social world, they aim to improve it.

The Department of Social Sciences at NSC offers courses in anthropology, communications, counseling, criminal justice, political science, psychology, sociology, and women's studies. The Business Degree program is currently guided by the Department of Social Sciences. Our talented and dedicated faculty provide students with an exceptional learning experience that combines the best instructional practices with a hands-on look at pressing real-world issues. This training thoroughly prepares students for personal and career success while developing future leaders who can meet the social needs of the 21st century.