Construction Activity for the week of June 30, 2014

Here are the planned construction activities for the week of June 30.

We are pouring lots and lots of cement. Due to the warm weather, we will be laying the floor for the Nursing, Science and Education building in three pours instead of two. All will be at 3am. The first on Monday, second on Tuesday and the sloping lecture hall floor on Wednesday. So, bring and flashlight and blanket and watch history being built. In the plaza area, we will be finishing the irrigation sleeves and constructing the forms to pour the hardscape mid-week. Then, we let everything cure through the holiday weekend. This is important, because the steel will arrive on the 7th and the building starts to go vertical. These will be the major events for the week, but we will also be finishing up with on-site wet utilities, starting to trench the ducts for the electrical connections between the buildings and the central plant and forming the footing for the retaining walls in front of the Student Center. Since there is so much going on this week, we will not be working on the stairs northeast of LAS. So, there are no planned activities outside of the construction fences this week. Regardless, keep up your heightened sense of safety. There will be several cement trucks coming in and out of the site this week. Finally, Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment planning has hit the schedule. I am asking for a few (just a few) volunteers to help with the furniture selections. Please send be an email if your are interested.

Kevin Butler

Vice President for Finance & Administration