Construction Activity for the week of May 26, 2014

Here are the planned construction activities for the week of May 26, 2014.

We are continuing to form and pour footings for the NSE building, site walls and the stairs to the Student Activities building. All of the building plumbing for NSE will go in this week. We will also connect the grease trap that will be required for our food services. The tests to see the strength of the block for the NSE exterior are underway. Once these tests are determined to be okay, we will backfill the pads. We will also start to layout the east parking lot and begin to form and pour the curbing in that area. Speaking of parking lots, the temporary parking east of LAS should be striped and ready for use by mid-week. The landscape contractor will be on site to start planning the irrigation. There are no activities planned for outside of the construction site. However, as a reminder for all students and employees, continue watching for traffic coming in and out of the site. You're doing a great job keeping safety first.

Kevin Butler

Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration