Construction Update for the Week of March 10, 2014

Great news! Our construction partners have figured out a way to avoid tearing up the LAS parking lot until after the Spring semester. Therefore, the temporary parking lot to the West of LAS will not need to be constructed until Mid-May.

There will be some isolated area interruptions in the lot due utility work from time to time, and we will keep you posted when those will occur. However, all of the current parking spaces will remain available throughout the Spring semester.

Beginning Monday, March 10, survey crews will be on site to locate the area for construction fencing. One Wednesday, March 12, the construction fencing will be placed along the perimeter of the construction site and along the parking lot. Tree removal will also occur beginning Monday, March 10. We will box and store all trees to replant at the end of the construction.

Please remember to have a heightened sense of safety during the construction period. There will be heavy equipment and materials being transported to and from the campus. Let's make safety priority one. We are stressing safety with all our contractors. You can help in that process. Finally, construction is dusty, noisy, and inconvenient. But in the end, it is all worth it.

Kevin Butler
Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration