Construction activity for the week of March 24, 2014

Now the fun begins! The construction water tank will be moved onto the construction site on Monday and Tuesday. There will be some light grading on Monday and Tuesday as well to clear and level the area for construction trailers. On Wednesday, the big equipment will start to move a bunch of dirt in preparation for the building pads and to get the future parking and plaza areas to the correct levels. This heavy grading will continue for the next couple of weeks. The results will be a very large pile of dirt east of the construction site. This stockpile will eventually be removed from campus to other construction sites in the valley. While our construction partners will be very diligent in controlling the dust during this excavation period, you might hold off on washing your cars. Please remind your students and coworkers to be very aware of their surroundings and that entry into the construction area is not only unsafe, it is prohibited. Let's have a safe construction project.

Kevin Butler Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration