Construction activity for the week of May 19, 2014

Here are the planned construction activities for the week of May 19.

We began pouring concrete for the Nursing, Science and Education (NSE) building footings last week. This will continue into the early part of this week. We will finish the demolition of the southeast parking lot and spread the millings on the temporary parking area west of LAS. We are hoping to install a water line in that area so that we can move the construction fence to the south, opening up the parking spaces to the north. If we cannot complete this process, we will consider installing a metal plate over the water line trench which will allow us to temporarily move the fence, but we will need to move it back later to finish the water line. And, we will be digging again. This time to prepare the area where the stairs to the Student Activities and Administration building will stand. We are installing electrical conduit for the parking lot lighting and finishing the building utilities for NSE. Once the building utilities and footings are done, we will cover that and level it for the building pad. We are hoping to start laying the block exterior of the NSE. NSE is a bit different than many construction projects, since the first few rows of block in some areas of the building need to be in place before we pour the slab (floor). These block will have anchoring pieces that will help stabilize the walls. Once the block work begins, the building will go up in a hurry. As always, please admire the work from a distance. There will be lots (a technical term) of trucks entering and exiting the construction area this week. Also, be extremely aware of the work in and around the temporary parking area and inside and outside the construction fence in the northeast parking lot.

Kevin Butler
Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration