Construction activity for the week of May 5, 2014

Here are the construction activities for the week of May 5.

Building permits have arrived! Time to catch up on the schedule. You probably noticed a ramp up in activities last Friday. We will be concentrating on the building pads first, excavating for building utilities and digging the footings for the stem walls. We might even start to build the forms for the footings toward the end of the week. Then, we will be moving quickly with our site utilities, trenching, piping, and backfilling. This means that building materials are now being ordered and will be delivered to the construction site. As a result, there will be increased traffic of delivery trucks to and from the site. So, despite the fact that there are no planned activities outside of the construction site, stay alert due to this increase in traffic. Thanks for thinking safety first!

Kevin Butler

Associate Vice President for Finance & Administration