Experiential learning a process through which students develop knowledge, skills and values from direct experiences outside of a traditional lecture and is a focal point of many business classes at NSC. The Business Department at NSC creates experiential learning opportunities for students in our classes so they can develop the professional skills that employers are seeking. Some examples of experiential learning in NSC business classes include:

ECON 261: Principles of Statistics I
Students completed a visitation report for the Downtown Project's Container Park. The study was conducted to determine if there was a link between the daily temperature and the frequency of visitors per day. Students then presented the report to the Container Park. Through this project, students gained skills in data collection and performing a statistical analysis. The report can be found here.

MGT 301: Principles of Management
Students completed a project titled "30 Second MGT" - creating a series of 30 second videos covering a specific piece of advice that managers can easily adopt. The purpose of "30 Second MGT" is for students to produce research-based management advice in video format and to engage in a team experience to which they can relate team organizational behavior concepts. A sample video can be found here.

MGT 494: Seminar in Management
Students enrolled in MGT 494 - Seminar in Management completed group Case Study Analyses. Student groups were required to analyze a business case and then determine the primary business problem and stakeholders, generate potential solutions and develop a plan for implementing the solution. In addition, students prepared a 15 minute presentation on their conclusions. Case studies help students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that are directly applicable to real world business issues.