Society for Advancement of Management (SAM) Club

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Welcome SAM Club
Welcome to the inaugural Nevada State College SAM Club. Currently, we
have 16 student members and are chartered with the National SAM Organization for the 2016-2017 academic year. Students of all majors can join SAM!

The Society for the Advancement of Management helps to improve the professional quality of your performance. Whether you dream of managing your own business or just want to gain a competitive edge in the workplace, SAM can help. This is a great opportunity for everyone to become better leaders and learn how to manage and communicate with others.

History and Focus
SAM was founded in 1912 by the colleagues and disciples of Frederick Taylor, the “Father of Scientific Management.” It is a non-profit organization run and built by hundreds of volunteers. SAM is an organization that focuses on general management skills. We believe that every individual interested in management should belong to SAM in addition to any other association in his/her area of specialization.

Members come from a variety of disciplines–production, finance, marketing, accounting, research and development, entrepreneurship – but share a common bond of interest in becoming stronger managers. SAM’s key organizational strength is its diversity of membership including; academicians, practitioners and students. SAM builds bridges among these three groups not only to better share management expertise, but also to develop and promote new management ideas.