Criminal Justice BA & BAS Overview

Why Study Criminal Justice at NSC

The BA in Criminal Justice includes a combination of classic criminal justice core courses and electives, the incorporation of the emerging discipline of social justice, a focus on global perspectives and comparative criminal justice systems, and an emphasis on working with, and giving back to, the local community.

The BAS in Criminal Justice is a degree option that allows students who have already completed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Criminal Justice at a community college to gain additional knowledge and skills in public administration and management relevant to criminal justice and law enforcement. Students complete 60 credits of coursework, including a core set of courses in management as well as courses in criminal justice. If you haven't already earned an AAS in Criminal Justice, then read about the BA in Criminal Justice, which is open to all students.


A degree in criminal justice from NSC will prepare you for a wide variety of careers such as:

  • Law enforcement (local, state, or federal)
  • Corrections administration
  • Prison guard
  • Probation officer (juvenile or adult)
  • Parole officer (juvenile or adult)
  • Juvenile intake officer
  • Social services worker

Interesting Classes

  • CRJ 222 Criminal Law and Procedure
  • CRJ 321 Immigration and Justice
  • CRJ 419 Law and Society
  • CRJ 438 Social Inequity and Crime

Featured Course

CRJ 104: Introduction to Administration of Justice

In CRJ 104: Introduction of Administration of Justice, you will study the American criminal justice system and its development, components, and processes; includes consideration of crime and criminal justice as a formal area of study.

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