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Finish Your Story with Nevada State College English

The Nevada State College (NSC) English program is an innovative 4-year degree located in Henderson, Nevada. We emphasize literary history, literary criticism, writing studies, and emerging forms of literary study

As an English major at NSC, you will learn how narratives shape our lives and how the study of these narratives can broaden your understanding of cultures, people, and language. You'll also see that the communication and critical thinking skills you learn in English classes can be applied directly to your professional life. Our English majors pursue a wide variety of careers in business, government, education, publishing, legal, as well as in the cultural, entertainment, and communications industries.

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Why study English at NSC?

There are so many reasons!

NSC English - 300 Days of Sun at AWP

A Strong Community of Writers and Scholars. When you enroll with NSC English, you join a close-knit community of students that create literary journals, present at academic conferences, and stay involved in student organizations. You will also work one-on-one with exceptional faculty in a unique program that explores theory, history, and emerging areas of literary study. It is an exciting time to be an NSC English major.

Innovative and Accessible Classes: At NSC, our exceptional faculty offer dynamic and innovative classes that will help you understand literature in new ways. In a given semester, you could take:

  • A class on graphic novels as literature (ENG 277)
  • A class that critically analyzes low-budget movies (ENG 477c)
  • A class on “strange” literature and narratology (ENG 485)
  • A course that pairs The Hunger Games with Orwell’s 1984. (ENG 298)

Engaging Projects. Our students learn through doing. Each year, NSC English majors attend an academic conferences, present their work, publish 300 Days of Sun (a literary journal), and participate in on-campus readings.

Exceptional Faculty. Our English faculty are all dedicated teachers and scholars. You will love working with them. As you progress through the English program, you will have the chance to work closely with these faculty members to explore literary questions.


We hear it all the time: I love to read, but what can I do with an English degree? 

NSC English Major Lesley Burns
A lot! Did you know the Prime Minister of Canada has an English degree? How about Conan O’Brien? If running Canada or hosting a late-night talk show is a little ambitious, think about all the careers that require strong writing and critical thinking. We've found that our English majors do exceptionally well in these areas. In a recent survey, we asked our English graduates where they are employed. They listed a wide variety of employers, including:  

  • the Clark County School District
  • Senator Richard Segerblom's office,
  • Access Behavioral Health,
  • Station Casinos Corporate Office
  • the Office of the Governor (NV)
  • Self employed freelance writer

Strong communication and problem-solving are consistently named as highly desirable skills by employers. The English major is a great way to strengthen these abilities. 

Meet the Faculty

The core of Nevada State College's English program is our remarkable faculty. We all specialize in different areas of literature and writing studies, but we all work together to give our students a terrific experience. 

Laura Decker - NSC English Laura Decker, MFA
Summer Liu - NSC English Summer Liu, MA
Dr. Leila Pazargadi - NSC English Leila Pazargadi, PhD
Dr. Gregory Robinson - NSC English Gregory Robinson, PhD
Dr. Gregory Robinson - NSC English Joanna Shearer, PhD
 Dr. Kathryn Tucker - NSC English Kathryn Tucker, PhD

What Students Are Saying

The English program at Nevada State College exposes you to a variety of literary genres and challenges you to critically analyze literature in a unique and socially conscious way. I love that the professors employ creative teaching techniques and choose edgy, non-traditional literary works in their classes. Furthermore, the small class sizes really enhanced my learning experience by enabling intimate group discussions. Everyone has an opportunity to share their ideas and contribute to the larger group's understanding.
Chelsie Adams
NSC Graduate

My experience so far in the English program at NSC has been nothing short of pleasant. The classes are just the right size and course offerings span a wide array of subjects from grammar to pre-Civil War American literature to contemporary poetry. All of the professors have a unique specialty within their subject that they are more than willing to share with their students. Despite these positives, I must say that interaction with fellow students is what makes the English program most rewarding. Classroom discussions are student-centered and often eye-opening because any and all student input has the opportunity to be expressed. Indeed, I have never completed a course here without having felt like my voice was heard.

I know that the skills and memories I will have gained at NSC shall serve me well in my upcoming career as a secondary teacher, and I would recommend that anyone pursuing an undergraduate education in English look at NSC. You won't regret it I know I don t!
James Greterman
English major w/ Emphasis in Secondary Education

The English program at NSC is so different from other colleges. When I first came here, I had been to several different schools and none of them felt quite right. NSC was different. Classes are small and I ve really gotten to know my professors. They re genuinely unique and interested in pushing students to help them succeed. I am surprised every semester how much I learn and am looking forward to finishing at NSC and going on to graduate school.
Randelle Genderson
English Major

I started without a plan and found the staff of the English program to be some of the best individuals I have ever met. They were so supportive, excited, and knowledgeable that I never stopped taking their classes! I discovered that I love books more than I thought possible and that led me to a career in Library and Information Science. Thanks to NSC's English professors, I have the necessary skills to interpret critical reviews and understand what texts are essential to the cannon and thus any public library. I also have the communication skills necessary to apply for grants and argue my case for more public and government support of our libraries.
Jonnica McClure Library Manager
Fernley Library

The professors of the English program at Nevada State College are phenomenal. Not only have my professors taken an active interest in my academic and professional success, but each of them has brought a genuine passion to the classroom that has inspired and motivated me as a student. Having studied at other universities, I found the smaller class sizes at Nevada State College to be especially engaging and beneficial, as I was able to enjoy a higher level of interaction with my instructors, which is an opportunity I believe to be invaluable to any undergraduate student. I highly and unhesitatingly recommend Nevada State College's English program.
Matt Morris
NSC Graduate

The English program at NSC offers a 21st century perspective to the study of language and literature that is rich in diversity, theory, and rigor.

The program is more than just an arrangement of interesting and challenging curricula. It is about the people you will meet, the discussions you will share, and expanding your perception of the larger world community.

I found the experience to be one of the most rewarding of my life.
John Nicpon
NSC Graduate

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