Why Become an English Major?

An English degree is both personally fulfilling and professionally versatile. As an English major, you will learn how narratives shape our lives and how the study of these narratives can broaden your understanding of cultures, people, and language. You'll also see that the communication and critical thinking skills you learn in English classes can be applied directly to your professional life. Our majors pursue a wide variety of careers in business, government, education, publishing, legal, as well as in the cultural, entertainment, and communications industries.

In a 2015 survey of graduates from the program:

94% of the graduates noted that they were currently employed. This contradicts a popular and negative stereotype about the employability of English majors.

 Their employers include:

  • the Clark County School District
  • Senator Richard Segerblom's office
  • Access Behavioral Health
  • Station Casinos Corporate Office
  • the Office of the Governor (NV)

Other graduates noted that they work as self-employed freelance writers or that they are currently in a graduate program.