History Honor Society

The History Honor Society at Nevada State College is an independent student-run organization that is primarily focused on the personal growth and academic development of NSC History students. Our interests include preparing members who intend to advance academically beyond college to an M.A. or Ph.D. program. We accomplish this by providing personal and financial support to those willing to submit undergraduate papers for review to academic journals or by helping them to attend academic conferences within their field of study.

Aside from having a strong academic purpose, the club also believes heavily in having fun whenever it can - whether it be at the premiere night of a new Hollywood blockbuster historical drama (after all we are history students) or attending the town's yearly Shakespeare festival. Overall, the History Honor Society is a must for anyone attending NSC and pursuing a major or minor in History.

Club Requirements

  • 3.3 GPA
  • Have a declared History major or minor
  • Starting your 3rd part-time and/or full-time semester at a College or University