Horticulture Science Certificate Overview

Why Study horticulture science at nsc?

The 24-credit Certificate in Horticulture Science provides training to help you prepare for careers growing and caring for plants. Whether you want to farm, work for a landscaping firm, manage a nursery, or oversee gardens in educational settings, the Certificate in Horticultural Science provides useful knowledge and skills for your future success.

The Certificate can be paired with any degree at NSC, but it is also accessible to members of the community who may not want to pursue a four-year degree. It is designed to meet the needs of those who want some formal training in the field but do not require an advanced academic background in agricultural science. You may enroll full-time or take courses part-time.

The Certificate in Horticulture Science will provide a basic knowledge of plant nutrition, soils, and basic math calculations that are essential to horticulture; you will also choose electives that expand your knowledge in areas such as urban forestry, irrigation design, and public speaking. You will also complete at least one credit of internship to ensure you have some hands-on experience in the program.

Campus garden

The Horticulture Science program integrates lab and fieldwork experience in NSC's campus garden farm. The campus garden includes raised vegetable beds, fruit trees, grapes and berries, herbs, and composters. You will have the opportunity to help with planting, maintenance and trouble-shooting, pest control, and harvest. You can then visit the NSC Scorpion Cafe to buy dishes made with the harvest!

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