Featured ISC Graduates

Kelly Gamble: Writer and Graduate Student

Img: Kelly Gamble

"The ISC program at NSC provided me with an opportunity to study in different areas while fostering the critical thinking skills necessary to integrate knowledge from across disciplines to answer real questions to real problems."

History and Business Administration

After graduating from NSC, Kelly enrolled in a Master of Arts program in Humanities through California State University, Dominguez Hills. She received her MA in May, 2010. In February of 2010, she enrolled in an MFA Creative Writing Program at Southern New Hampshire University and has completed 18 hours towards her degree. The thesis project for her MFA is a book-length piece of fiction, a historical novel set during the building of the Hoover Dam.

Chelsea Lessnick: Gamer and Graduate Student

Img: Chelsea

"The ISC program has taught me that all these different fields can relate to each other in some way, shape, or form. It has allowed me the opportunity to become a well-rounded individual by giving me a chance to study my passion while also exploring other areas that would be crucial to my industry."

Visual Media, Business, and Communications

Chelsea made her mark on NSC by being creative, fun, and enthusiastic. In her Integrated Studies classes she wrote substantial papers on contemporary topics such as instant messaging and Manga. Currently she is in a graduate program at the Savannah College of Art and Design studying game design.

Elizabeth Westenburg: Researcher and Graduate Student

Img: Eliz

"It was a great opportunity for me to transfer from CSN since I had taken so many random courses. With the Integrated Studies program, I was able to pursue two different degrees that interested me and turn it into one. I recommended the program to many of my friends when they were not sure about what degree to get either. Knowing that I was going to get a Masters degree in Library Science after I graduated from NSC, I like that I had the option to study two different subjects."

Concentrations: History and Business

Elizabeth worked at both the the NSC Library and the Henderson Public Library during her time as an undergraduate. When you have a question about almost anything, she is the right person to ask. She is currently working as a Reference Assistant at Henderson Public Library and is working on her Masters of Library and Information Science.

Jess Marvin - Writer and Marketing Expert

Img: Jessica "My Integrated Studies degree from NSC has helped prepare me for the communications industry as a skilled writer and editor. With the cross section of curriculum offered in my degree track, I was able to develop a clear vision as to how I would apply my skills to the workforce and think innovatively. I feel fortunate to have been an NSC student, as I was continually inspired by my professors, fellow classmates, which all played a role in helping me realize my full potential as a life-long learner and contributing member to my community."

Concentrations: Communications and Psychology

Sylvia Hawksley - Tutor, Volunteer, and Manager

Img: Silvia

"The Integrated Studies degree allowed me to transfer many of the classes I took at other colleges into the two programs I selected. As a result, I was able to get my BA degree quickly, for practical purposes, with plans to enhance my education in the future from this base."

Concentrations: Education and Psychology

Since graduating, Silvia has worked as a volunteer tutor, a Care Giver for elderly clients, and a property manager. She stays connected with NSC through membership with Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society in Education.