Health and Wellness Concentration in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program

A healthy workforce is more productive and more cost effective, leading employers to introduce wellness programs into their organizations. This has increased the demand for qualified professionals in health education. To help train students for this growing field, Nevada State College s Interdisciplinary Studies program offers the Health & Wellness Concentration.

Health & Wellness - 24 Credit Major Concentration

  • Nursing 337 Pathophysiology or Kinesiology 175 Physical Activity and Health
  • Nursing 493 Biology of Aging or Psychology 442 Psychology of Aging
  • Psychology 201 Lifespan and Human Development
  • Psychology 470 Health Psychology
  • Psychology 466 Psychology of Sex or Psychology 403 Physiological Psychology
  • Psychology 441 Abnormal Psychology or Psychology 436 Drugs, Addiction, and Mental Disorders
  • Counseling 320 Drugs and Behavior or Counseling 322 Perspectives on Addictions
  • Nutrition 223 Principles of Nutrition

Students can combine this concentration with a number of minors, depending on the student s interests and career goals. It is particularly effective with our 18-Credit Minor in Promotion.

Promotion 18 Credit Minor Concentration

This minor concentration teaches students the best practices of successful promotion by focusing on persuasion and communication skills. Although this minor can be paired with any major concentration, it is complementary to the concentration in Health & Wellness.

The classes in this minor are:

  • Communication 315 Small Group Communication
  • Communication 404 Principles of Persuasion
  • Communication 412 Intercultural Communication
  • Counseling 300 Intro to Human Services and Counseling
  • Psychology 240- Research Methods
  • Psychology 420 Psychology of Learning

Why Health & Wellness?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare will generate 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs between 2008 and 2018, more than any other industry. The Health & Wellness concentration is designed to help students who wish to be a part of this developing profession.

ISC students can combine our Health & Wellness concentration with a number of different minors, depending on the student s interests and career goals. Some examples include:

Health & Wellness Concentration Combined with a Minor in Business:
This combination is well suited for students interested in working for nonprofit health agencies or developing their own health-related business. For example, someone who wishes to start his or her own business as a personal trainer or a life coach would benefit from this mix of heath and business knowledge.

Health & Wellness Concentration Combined with a Minor in Psychology or Counseling:
Given the complicated nature of medical issues, many organizations hire patient advocates. These advocates help patients manage their various treatments, appointments, and insurance concerns.

Health & Wellness Concentration Combined with a Minor in Education:
Career options for this combination include individuals who want to work in the education field developing health-related literature or developing educational programs that encourage healthy practices.

Health & Wellness Concentration Combined with a Minor in English:
As health care options increase, so will the need for printed and online health related information. This concentration provides a background in health care and effective writing, which would prepare a student to work as a technical writer or as promotional writer for a health-related company.

Health & Wellness Concentration Combined with a Minor in Visual Media:
Students interested in marketing for health agencies would benefit from this combination. As health organizations grow, they will need employees who can use social media and visual productions to develop health-related promotion campaigns. For example, large companies like Apria Healthcare employee individuals with these skills to advertise their goals to the public.

Any Health & Wellness Concentration and Graduate School:
The Interdisciplinary Studies degree is perfect for students who wish to continue their training in graduate school. With a Health & Wellness Concentration, students could pursue any number of program options and use their knowledge in health as a specialty. For example, a student who earns a Masters in Library Science would be perfectly suited for a career in a medical library. A student who earns a law degree might specialize in health-related law.

If you have questions about the ISC degree or the Health & Wellness concentration, please contact:

Gregory Robinson, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Phone: (702) 992-2663