Bachelor of Applied Science in Management

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree program is tailored for students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and wish to expand their career prospects with a baccalaureate degree.

The BAS program at NSC builds on the specialization earned through the AAS degree by providing students with a strong foundation in critical thinking skills, communication abilities, and citizenship values. Complementing this core foundation is an advanced curriculum that enhances the managerial and entrepreneurial acumen of students and gives them the edge they need in a competitive marketplace. Students who earn the BAS degree will possess a unique combination of professional expertise and problem-solving skills that opens the door to new career opportunities and an improved quality of life.

Program Completion Requirements

  1. In order to be accepted into our BAS-Management program, you must have completed an AAS degree at an accredited community college.
  2. To complete the Bachelor of Applied Science in Management degree, a minimum of 120 credits must be earned, with at least 36 upper-division credits (those numbered 300 or above). A minimum of 32 credits must be completed in upper-division courses at Nevada State College specifically, and a total of 60 of the 120 credits for the degree must be earned at four-year colleges or universities.