Nursing (BSN) Part-Time Track Overview

Why Study Nursing at NSC

You want to join the healthcare profession, but you have other obligations that make going to school full-time impossible. At NSC we work with you to balance work, life and school so that you can make your dream possible. In eight consecutive semesters, including summers, you can begin your career as a nurse working a public health agency, a school, a hospital and other healthcare agencies.


With a degree in Nursing, NSC grads work as RN's in areas like emergency medicine, pediatrics, medical surgery, as healthcare administrators, and in healthcare education. Some of our grads have also chosen to continue with their education by pursuing the M.A. and PhD in order to someday become nursing faculty themselves.

Interesting Classes

  • Maternal/Child Nursing
  • Nursing Care in the Community
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing

Where Alumni Work

NSC Nursing graduates work in every major hospital in southern Nevada and a variety of healthcare professions, as well as home healthcare and private practice. With its statewide mission, the School of Nursing through the online RN to BSN program is able to serve northern and rural communities by increasing the number of local nursing graduates.

  • Centennial Hills Hospital
  • Coronado Surgery Center/Sunrise Emergency Room
  • Cystic Fibrosis Center of Southern Nevada
  • Desert Springs Hospital
  • Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center
  • Mountain View Hospital RN
  • Nathan Adelson Hospice
  • Nevada School of Medicine
  • Nye Regional Medical Center
  • Spring Valley Hospital
  • St Rose Dominican Hospitals
  • United States Public Health Service
  • University Medical Center
  • VA of Southern Nevada
  • Valley Hospital
  • Visiting Nurses of Nevada

Shadow Lane

At NSC you have the unique opportunity to put your studies into practice at The Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas (CSCLV), a 31,000 square-foot facility at the NSHE Shadow Lane Campus. The center provides state-of-the-art healthcare education equipment throughout the five high-fidelity stimulation labs, three clinical skills, a surgical stimulation suite, twelve standardized patient rooms, and four multipurpose classrooms. The entire facility is integrated by an all-encompassing audio-video management system.

With over fifty scenarios, each of the five high-fidelity stimulation rooms recreates a specific hospital environment, such as an emergency department or a labor and delivery room. In each room a specialized high-tech manikin allows students to take vital signs, and make assessments while providing an opportunity to practice professional communication, team management, task performance, and decision making. The 20-minute scenarios are streamed to the rest the class, but the audio and video feeds from the labs and debriefing rooms are also digitally captured and recoded for additional feedback.

Additional Degree Options

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