Transfer Credit

Many students transfer course credits to Nevada State College, which is why you are required to supply the Office of Admissions and Records official, sealed transcripts from every college or university you ve attended.

After your transcripts are evaluated, a Degree Audit Report (DAR) is issued. The DAR lists the courses NSC has accepted as transferred courses as well as all courses you still need to take in order to finish your pre-requisites to the nursing program.

If you are researching NSC's School of Nursing and wondering if your classes will transfer, you can contact our transfer coordinator, located in the Office of Admissions and Records. They will review your transcripts and give you an idea of which courses might transfer. This review is only an estimate, and you will not have an official record until your sealed transcripts have been evaluated. Questions can be directed to the transfer coordinator at (702) 992-2118.

If you want to transfer from another nursing program, you need to meet with the Dean of the School of Nursing and provide a syllabus of each nursing course you wish to transfer to Nevada State College.

Important Notes About Required Courses and Pre-requisites in the School of Nursing

As a transfer student, you may have already taken these courses. If not, you should begin with the following:

  • CEP requirement: If you are entering NSC with less than 30 college credits, register for CEP 121: Introduction to the College Experience in your first semester. This course will assist you with WebCampus, taking online courses and how to be successful in college.
  • Math requirement: It is important to register for math courses. If you have not completed MATH 120 or higher, register for the level determined by your placement test scores or previous coursework.
  • English requirement: ENG 100 or 101 and 102, determined by your placement test scores or previous coursework, are required for a nursing degree. It also is important to take these courses at the beginning of your time at NSC so you can use these writing skills for your other courses.
  • Biology requirement: There are four biology courses required for a nursing degree, so it is important to register for BIO 189 as soon as possible. BIO 189: Fundamentals of Life Science is a pre-requisite for anatomy, physiology and microbiology courses.
  • Chemistry requirement: Chemistry is a pre-requisite for organic chemistry, microbiology and nutrition courses.

If you have not yet taken an English or math course, you need to get started. Your placement score determines which math or English course you need to take.

Tips for Transfer of Credits

If you are currently enrolled in courses at other institutions, be sure to resubmit an updated, sealed, official transcript to NSC after the term has ended and your grades are posted. The transcript must be sent to the following address:

Office of Admissions and Records Location 
Nevada State College
1300 Nevada State Drive
Henderson, NV 89002


Students must complete the following residency requirements for NSC:
  • 32 upper-division credits from NSC. Completion of the upper-division nursing courses meets this requirement.
  • 64 credits need to be completed at a four-year institution.
  • If you are having difficulty registering for a course, check the pre-requisites for the course. If you have met the pre-requisites at another institution, call the Registrar's Office.

Please use Nursing page How to Prepare for Advising for additional information. These will help you get ready to register and select courses.