Popular career fields include forensic psychology, counseling psychology, law enforcement, marketing, research, and health care

A broad and exciting range of opportunities await those with a degree in psychology
  • Work with members of the law enforcement and legal communities as a forensic psychologist to identify potential suspects and assess the mental state of the accused.
  • Equipped with knowledge about attitudes and persuasion, a psychologist could enter the fields of marketing or advertising.
  • Those interested in teaching and research can apply to graduate school and eventually become a college professor.
  • If helping others is a top priority, a clinical or counseling psychologist could help fill the pervasive need for mental health professionals in Southern Nevada.
  • Developmental psychologists have even been known to design and test children's toys like highly-educated versions of Tom Hanks's character in the movie Big.

With the proper motivation, the possibilities are limitless. Choosing to pursue a graduate-level degree opens the door to even more possibilities, but Nevada State is making a concerted effort to ensure that undergraduate psychology majors graduate with important, marketable skills. This is the essence of our developing program in Quantitative Reasoning across the Curriculum, and it is why the department is placing an increased emphasis on establishing internship opportunities with local organizations.

Selected Entry Level Positions for Psychology Majors

Advertising agent
Benefits manager
Customer relations professional
Marketing researcher
Occupational analyst
Public relations professional
Director of fund-raising

Activities director
Admissions evaluator
Alumni director
College advisor
College admissions counselor/recruiter

Mental Health/Social Services
Behavior analyst
Child protection worker
Day care center supervisor
Director of volunteer services
Drug/substance abuse counselor
Employment counselor
Family service worker
Group home coordinator
Rehabilitation advisor
Residential youth counselor
Veterans' advisor

Legal Services
Affirmative action officer
Community relations officer
Claims representative
Forensic psychologist assistant

Statistical assistant

To see profiles of individuals with psychology degrees, visit APA s website

Selected Graduate Level Positions for Psychology Majors

If a student chooses to seek a graduate-level degree, NSC's psychology program gives them superb preparation. As the section below illustrates, graduate school opens the door to a wide array of exciting career choices.

Clinical or Counseling Psychology - Diagnose and treat those with mental disorders or emotional illnesses

Forensic Psychology - Develop criminal profiles and assess the mental and emotional capabilities of the accused and

Social Work - Work for social welfare agencies and assist with the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and emotional illnesses

Marriage & Family Therapy - Deal with a variety of couple and familial issues such as marital conflict, depression, anxieties, and child-parent problems.

Experimental Psychology - Experimental psychologists answer compelling questions about humanity and society using sophisticated research techniques

Higher Education - Students who possess a Ph.D. or master's degree in nearly any psychological discipline can teach at the college/university level