Disciplines in Psychology

Psychology involves the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The study of psychology is generally broken down into the following subject areas (or fields ):

Abnormal Psychology - Studies abnormal behaviors, which can enhance our understanding of normal patterns of functioning

Behaviorism - Studies how behavior can be understood mainly in terms of rewards and punishments

Biological Psychology - Studies psychology through the lens of biological processes relating to the nervous system, neurons, and the brain

Cognitive Psychology - Studies mental processing and decision-making to understand opinions, choices, and behaviors

Clinical - Studies how to understand, prevent, and treat mental disorders or emotional illnesses

Developmental - Studies how our bodies and minds change as we age from infancy to late adulthood

Health Psychology - Studies how psychological phenomena such as stress relate to health outcomes

Psychology of Law - Studies how psychological phenomena such as memory and perception relate to criminal and legal issues

Quantitative Psychology - Studies the research methods and statistical analyses used by psychologists

Social Psychology - Studies how others influence our thoughts and behavior