Meet Our Students

Megan Cogliano

The mind that Megan Cogliano plans to study is supremely capable, endlessly adaptive, and brimming with potential, but it also thinks that eating paste is a good idea. The mind, of course, is that of a small child, and Megan wants to know how it learns. This is no small feat (see: eating paste), but Megan should be up to the task. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Nevada State College, and entered the master's program in Educational Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Megan was drawn to NSC because it is close to home and far less expensive than most four-year degree options, but she stuck with the college because of the excellent professors and students. As Megan explained it, "At NSC, the professors want us to succeed. They push you to do well and want you to do a great job." Her peers also played an important role: "The students are really open to helping each other; it's a small school, so we have a lot of shared experiences." She traces her fascination with student learning to a course at NSC that examined the impact of room temperature on a child's academic performance. Since then, she has not looked back.

With a degree in hand, Megan faced multiple graduate school opportunities including one at the University at Buffalo but she chose UNLV because of the prospect of working with a superb faculty advisor. She hopes to conduct research on how kids learn and begin a career working with elementary school students, but she would not rule out the possibility of becoming a professor. Based on her track record so far, anything seems possible.

Randee Startin-Hall

Randee Startin-Hall made the most of her time at Nevada State College, and she did it for a dream job that will land her in an adolescent nightmare. Many of us would have paid dearly to avoid the hormonal insanity and conflicting cliques of junior high school, but Randee is working diligently to make her way back, and this time it's to offer a helping hand as a school counselor. Buoyed by a bachelor's degree in psychology from NSC and admission to the master's program in School Counseling at Lewis and Clark, Randee is moving ever closer to realizing her dream.

Randee credits much of her success to two unique aspects of NSC: a strong focus on excellent teaching and a superb group of fellow students. Randee's experience with her psychology professors made her fall in love with the college, and her peers helped her thrive when times got tough. As Randee notes, "The other students were so willing to help you out in ways that never happened at other schools." Randee chose NSC in large part because she did not want to relive a bad experience at a large and often impersonal university. Following the same logic, "she took a page from NSC and decided to go to a small graduate school with a heavy emphasis on students."