Selected Minors

Nevada State College offers a number of minors that can be added to most four-year degree programs. The minors listed below are in special academic areas for which Nevada State does not currently offer a four-year degree program.

1. Chemistry

Through rigorous studies of chemical principles and hands-on laboratory analysis, a minor in Chemistry at Nevada State College prepares you for advancement in your chosen field by equipping you with tools to be an analytical thinker, creative problem solver, and clear communicator.

2. Counseling

From depression, to substance abuse, to relationship discord, life is fraught with difficult challenges. Sometimes, a single person can mean the difference between happiness and despair. For those who hope to make this kind of impact, a career in mental health may be a natural calling. The Counseling Minor at NSC is a gateway to this incredibly important field. Our counseling students learn from the best and benefit from richly rewarding hands-on learning experiences. The program is led by talented faculty members who possess years of real-world experience, and it gives students opportunities to practice counseling skills in genuine mental health environments. Students who earn the minor are well-poised to succeed in a variety of areas, including social work, counseling, and school psychology. Upon completing the minor, students will:

  • Understand the importance of the therapeutic relationship in counseling
  • Develop attending, listening and understanding skills
  • Develop effective interviewing and assessment strategies
  • Identify the various counseling theories and how they relate to client's issues
  • Understand patient/client confidentiality laws and other important ethical issues
  • Cultivate an appreciation of cultural and diversity issues as they apply to therapeutic treatment

3. Professional Writing

If you intend on working in an organization, developing strong written communication skills is essential. The Professional Writing Minor gives you training in business writing, technical writing, and writing for PR/Social Media. It is an excellent addition to any major.

4. Social Justice

The Minor in Social Justice provides a range of interdisciplinary courses that focus on a variety of themes in United States history relevant to understanding the historical and contemporary experiences of culturally and ethnically diverse groups (e.g. Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Native Americans, and U.S. Latinas/os-Chicanas/os). The Social Justice Minor provides students with the methodological tools to critically examine the political, cultural, social and historical structures that have shaped the identity of underrepresented racial and ethnic communities in the United States. Classes in the minor emphasize comparative analysis and encourage students to engage in critical thinking by questioning established disciplinary frameworks and canons.

5. Sociology

Sociology provides you with new perspectives on the social world around you. Ever wondered why teenagers rebel against their parents, why different ethnic groups sometimes live in different parts of town, or why divorce rates have increased over time? The Sociology Minor will help you answer these questions. Sociologists investigate these issues and many others, including gender relations, racial and ethnic identity, changing definitions of deviance and crime, poverty and class inequality, human sexuality, and urban life.