Visual Media Minors - Animation, Digital Cinema, and Film Studies

There are three distinct minors you can pursue in Visual Media: Animation, Digital Cinema Production, and Film Studies.

Animation (18 Credits)

Animation is a great minor for anyone interested in adding a unique skillset to their current major. Learn to bring your drawings to life. The classes include:

ART 101  - DrawingI
ART 201 - Life Drawing I
VIS 120  - Introduction to Animation
VIS 131  - Storyboarding
VIS 230  - Digital Animation I
VIS 330  - Digital Animation II 

Digital Cinema Production (18 Credits)

Learn how to make a variety of visual narratives, ranging from engaging clips on YouTube to festival-ready short movies. This course sequence gives you all the skills you need to create engaging visual stories. The classes include:

VIS 150  - Digital Photography I
VIS 210  - Digital Cinema I
VIS 211 - Screenwriting I
VIS 212 - Digital Editing I
VIS 213 or VIS 214 - Sound Design OR Cinematography
VIS 310 OR VIS 215 - Digital Cinema II OR Documentary Techniques

Film Studies (18 Credits)

Do you love movies? This is a great minor for students who want to take an interest in film to the next level. The classes include:

FIS 100  - Introduction to Film
FIS 110 - Language of Film
Electives (12 credits): Choose four of the following:
FIS 400  - Film Theory
FIS 410 - Major Figures in Cinema
FIS 470 - Women in Film
FIS 495/ENG 477A - Film and Literature
FIS 494/ENG 476B (History of the American Film)
FIS 497/ENG 477C- Genre Studies in Film