Clinical Practicum

Clinical practicum is a full-time, semester long experience in a school-based setting. A mandatory, weekly seminar accompanies the supervised clinical practicum during which the student gradually assumes assessment and therapy responsibilities. Speech practicum students receive continual coaching and mentoring through regularly scheduled observations and evaluations by the site SLP supervisor and the NSC supervisor. Outside employment while completing practicum is strongly discouraged due to the intensity of this experience.

Clinical practicum placements are restricted to the State of Nevada.

The application for the clinical practicum will need to be completed during the semester prior to the internship. All application materials must be received no later than the application deadline.

Students will need to meet with their advisor two semesters prior to the internship to map out their final sequence of courses.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: March 1
Spring Semester: September 15


Practicum Application- Fall 2018; Link to: (PDF)
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Practicum Requirements

  1. Acceptance into the Speech Pathology Program.
  2. Earned a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.
  3. Completion of all required courses in the program of study.
  4. Met with a Nevada State College School of Education faculty advisor two semesters prior to the practicum.
  5. Proof of possession of $1 million in liability insurance through Nevada State Education Association (NSEA). An application can be found on the NSEA website. Students must submit a copy of their receipt as documentation.
  6. Proof of passing scores on the Praxis Subject Assessment. Please note that it may take 6 weeks for the School of Education to receive official scores from the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Passing Praxis Subject Assessment scores are required for the NSC practicum and for licensure by the Nevada Department of Education. To ensure timely submission of the scores, students are strongly encouraged to take the test(s) one semester prior to practicum. When completing registration material for the Praxis Subject Assessments, students must list NSC (R9020) and the Nevada Department of Education (R8670) as score recipients. Information regarding exam dates, registration and testing sites for the Praxis Subject Assessments can be found online at
  7. Fingerprinting and CCSD Volunteer Application is required. Click here for further information.

Application Submission

The practicum application can be submitted in-person or by mail to:

Physical Address:
Nursing, Science, Education (NSE) Building
School of Education
1300 Nevada State College Drive #200, 3rd floor
Henderson, NV 89002

Mailing Address:
Nevada State College
School of Education
1300 Nevada State Drive
Henderson, NV 89002


Clinical Practicum Handbook; Link to: (PDF)
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