Speech Pathology

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Why study Speech Pathology at NSC

The ability to communicate lies at the heart of being human. Speech-language pathologists work across the full spectrum of human communication by evaluating, diagnosing, and treating speech, language, and cognitive-communication disorders in their clients.
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A degree in speech pathology from NSC will prepare you for a wide variety of careers options and settings. Speech-language pathologists work in public and private schools, hospitals, community clinics, private practices, and colleges and universities. Learn More

Interesting Classes

Articulation Disorders
Neurology & Speech Pathology
Communication Science
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Where Alumni Work

Here are some of the places where NSC grads in Speech Pathology work:
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Clinical Practicum

Clinical practicum is a full-time, semester long experience in a school-based setting. A mandatory, weekly seminar accompanies the supervised clinical practicum during which the student gradually assumes assessment and therapy responsibilities.

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