NSC Visual Media Mission and Learning Objectives

Mission Statement

The Bachelor of Arts in Visual Media is a unique program in Nevada, designed to help students engage with and thrive in a culture that is increasingly visual and digital. As video-sharing sites like YouTube have revolutionized the internet, video has become a core communication strategy, allowing viewers to see and experience information dynamically. The Visual Media program equips students to understand and produce these images, giving them powerful communication tools and strategies to thrive in a media-rich culture.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Visual Media program can

  • Explain the historical development of visual media;
  • Analyze the role of contemporary media using a variety of critical and theoretical approaches;
  • Using multiple tools and skillsets to craft compelling visual narratives;
  • Create a final portfolio that shows an understanding of the ways in which criticism and production intersect;
  • Apply their knowledge and production skills to promote community groups or non-profit organizations.