Visual Media Overview

Is Digital Cinema Your passion?

NSC Visual Media Students Shooting

There's nothing quite so thrilling as the hush of the set, the call of 'Action!', and seeing all the work of lighting, staging, camera, sound, and performance come together in the production of well-crafted moving images.

In the Visual Media program at Nevada State College, students incorporate the richness of a comprehensive, liberal education into the production of expressive, high-quality short films. Students take on a variety of different roles, directing their own films and learning production techniques while crewing for other student productions and contributing to larger projects. Shooting with DSLR cameras and our new RED Scarlet, and working with professional sound and lighting equipment and editing software, students at NSC are always creating. 

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Interested in Animation?

NSC’s animation track in the Visual Media degree teaches you how to bring your drawings to life. You’ll start with an introduction to the history of animation and drawing. You’ll then move into courses on digital 2-D animation, using Toon Boom (an industry standard). As you progress through the degree, you’ll also learn about post-production animation using Adobe After Effects. Animation is a challenging art that requires patience and dedication, but if you are committed, we can help you create some amazing animations.

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Meet the Faculty

NSC Visual Media Professor Adam Davis Adam Davis, PhD
NSC Visual Media Professor Jo Meuris Jo Meuris, MFA

Cutting-Edge Equipment

In the Visual Media program we use cutting edge technology, shooting on Canon DSLR cameras, recording audio with Sennheiser mics, and editing on Adobe Premiere. Using DSLR cameras allows students to achieve a digital cinema look, with greater creative capability than traditional videography. We are also very excited about our new professional camera, the RED Scarlet. With the 4K Scarlet and the 5K Epic, RED has emerged from the choice for edgy and budget-minded independent filmmakers to be the option for high level Hollywood production.


With small class sizes, students and professors work closely together, and students receive personal attention and feedback on their work. NSC fosters a collegial and welcoming atmosphere in which students are amply supported by faculty and able to make positive, long-lasting connections with other students. Students can also develop their skills by assisting with faculty productions, as the Visual Media program encourages active and productive collaboration through shared projects.

Critical Foundation

As a new program at a young school, the Visual Media program embraces a fresh and highly contemporary approach. Students gain a strong foundation in film theory and history, suffused with a contemporary outlook on the changing face of cinema and media, and augmented with an emphasis on place and culture. The Visual Media program is based in what might be termed critical production , uniting theory and practice so that production is enriched and media studies are grounded in a practical basis. The program is designed to help students navigate a rapidly changing mediascape, bolstered by the robust liberal education provided by NSC.

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