Martha Rendon: I Chose Success

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I Chose Success

Scorpion: Martha Rendon

Major: Elementary Education

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2014

Student Activities and Organizations:
Latino Scorpions, President Fall 2012; Latino Scorpions, Secretary 2013; Kappa Delta Pi, President; and National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Recent Success:
Began student teaching position at top choice elementary school, C.T. Sewell

Favorite Class:
Classroom Management
I chose Nevada State College after one of my friends mentioned the school in passing. I looked the college up and was instantly drawn to the small class sizes and dedicated staff. I had a wonderful experience during my initial advising appointment, where every single question I had asked was answered thoroughly and I was given all the information I needed. NSC gives the vibe of community and it was something that I looked for when picking between NSC and other colleges.

Martha Rendon, an elementary education major, made Nevada State College her choice when joining an institution to complete her baccalaureate degree. With plans to graduate in May of 2014, Rendon's college experience has been filled with student life activities and a focus on starting her career in Nevada.

An active member of NSC student clubs and organizations, Rendon served as the president of the Latino Scorpions student organization for one semester and as the group's secretary for two semesters. With her sights set on becoming an elementary school teacher, preferably in a first grade classroom, she is the current president of NSC's Kappa Delta Pi chapter, the international honor society in education, as well as a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Rendon's most recent success was being placed in a student teaching position in a first grade classroom at C.T. Sewell Elementary School; her first choice grade level and school.

It felt like an eternity waiting to receive my placement information! I love the school where I was placed, C. T. Sewell, and the classroom is amazing. The school is welcoming and the teachers love what they do. I expect to become a better teacher in these next few months. I hope to gain the tools necessary to succeed in my own classroom, like how to pace my lessons and how to create and enforce a discipline plan. My goal is to be READY to have my own classroom when I am done with student teaching.

Throughout the 16-week program, Rendon will gradually take on more and more classroom responsibilities until she is fully in charge: writing lesson plans, leading instruction, grading papers, and meeting with parents.

I selected my area of study after middle school when I realized how amazing it was to pass my knowledge on to someone else and see the "ah-ha" moment that students reach after grasping a concept that they have struggled with for so long.

Joining NSC as a transfer student, Rendon has benefited from small class sizes and professors dedicated to knowing the interests, strengths, and goals of each student.

I really enjoyed my Classroom Management class with Natalie Berman. She is incredibly dedicated to the field of education and her passion for the art showed in her instruction. Every professor I have had at NSC has had an open door policy and has been so easy to approach even after class. It never mattered if the professor had to stay an hour after class ended, they were pleased to do so because it was clear that they wanted every student to succeed and wanted to do what was necessary to make that possible.