Wait listing is coming to Nevada State College for Summer 2014 & Fall 2014 registration


Wait listing will allow you (a fully admitted/matriculated student) to add yourself to a wait list of a course that is currently full/closed for the current semester.

You may only waitlist for classes up to a maximum of 9 units.

All class sections will have a waitlist option. You can place yourself on the waitlist if you:

  • are fully admitted/matriculated
  • meet all the pre-requisites required for that class

The last day to place yourself on the waitlist is the Thursday before the session starts (please refer to the NSC academic calendar). Waitlists will become null and void after this date.

How Waitlist Works

If a seat becomes available, the student highest on the waitlist will be added to the class. It is important to ensure that you have no pending holds or pre-requisite restraints that will prevent you from being added to the class.

You will NOT be added from the wait list and will be skipped if:

  • There is a time conflict with another registered class
  • If the pre-requisites required for that class are not met
  • If you are already enrolled in another section of the same course

If you are next on the wait list and have any of the above circumstances you will be skipped, allowing the next student on the wait list to be considered.

Moved from waitlist to enrolled in class

You will receive an email notification to your preferred email address confirming that you have been successfully moved from the wait list into the class. Once you are moved from the waitlist into a class, it is your responsibility to drop the class if you decide not to attend.

You are responsible to ensure any account balance associated with the newly added course is paid immediately. A 48 hour deadline has been set up with the Cashier's Office. If you have any questions or concerns about payment please contact the Cashier's Office.

Removal of Waitlist

If you decide you no longer wish to be considered for wait listing you may drop yourself from the waitlist.

Instructional Video and Printable PDF

Here's a step by step instructional video of Waitlisting or printable PDF.