Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center is a dedicated team of advisors, faculty, staff, and administrators committed to your academic success at NSC. By providing the right advice and guidance, we help students meet their educational and personal objectives.

Office Location: 
Rogers Student Center | 1st Floor 
1300 Nevada State Drive #300
Henderson, NV 89002


In an effort to accommodate student need and following student feedback, the Academic Advising Center will be offering walk-in appointments the weeks of August 21st, and August 28th from 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm. Wednesday August 23rd and Wednesday August 30th will have reduced walk-in availability from 9am until 12pm.

Walk-ins will be taken on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. Due to limited staff availability, we are only able to accommodate the FIRST 50 students PER DAY. We encourage all students to call our office prior to coming to campus to check on the waitlist and advisor availability. We also have a limited amount of phone availability which will also be taken on a first-call basis, and returned by the end of the business day.

All freshman students looking to change their schedule will need to have the courses which they wish to add in their Student Center Shopping Cart prior to seeing an advisor and ready for processing during the advising appointment.

Finally, if you require a meeting with our success advisor Angie Freeman, these appointments will be available via scheduled times only, there is no walk-in availability. This includes all students for Academic Probation and Academic Suspension holds, or who need SAP appeals, max credit/excess credit appeals,  and/or remedial math appeals. To schedule an appointment with Angie, please contact our front desk at (702)992-2160 ASAP.

Beginning September 7th, the AAC will offer walk-in appointments every Wednesday from 9am until 3pm. Phone appointments will not be taken on “walk-in” days and must be scheduled in advance during regular appointment times. 

Schedule an appointment or go to

Contact: 702-992-2160 or


  • Faculty Advising
  • Contact your school to find out who your faculty advisor is today!
  • School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS): 702-992-2609 ( For students who have completed 60 or more credits and would like post-graduate/career mentorship from LAS faculty)
  • School of Education: 702-992-2515 ( For students already admitted into the Teacher Preparation program )
  • School of Nursing: 702-992-2850 ( For students already admitted into the Nursing program )
Degree Planning
Student Services


Why See an Advisor?

The Academic Advising Center strives to support students navigate the college so they can reach their academic goals. Here are a few reasons why you might want to make an appointment to see an academic advisor.

Possible Reasons to MEET with an Academic Advisor

  • Need help understanding requirements to finish your degree
  • Explanation of NSC academic policies and regulations
  • Have questions about majors and minors
  • Assistance with registration
  • Help in the creation of an academic plan towards graduation
  • Have academic difficulties
  • Want to prepare for the application process to nursing, teaching, speech pathology, or interdisciplinary studies
  • Need help reading your Academic Requirements (Degree Audit)
  • Feel confused, overwhelmed, or generally are unsure about what you should be doing
  • Help setting goals and creating action plans

Make an Appointment with an Academic Advisor

Staff Directory

Degree Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Benjamin Franklin

Each school has created degree planning tools to help students plan their way to graduation. Advisors are here to help advise you along the way. While advisors will not choose classes for you or enroll you into classes, we are more than happy to offer suggestions, give you insight, and help you understand how to use these tools to stay on track towards the completion of your degree.

Degree Worksheets: Most majors/programs have degree worksheets that list requirements to complete the program. Some requirements have prescribed or specific courses that you have to take, while other requirements provide a list of options.

Degree Maps: These are four year suggested course sequences.

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences/Business Programs

School of Education Programs

School of Nursing

Minors and Concentrations

Several degree programs have a number of both general electives and upper division general electives required to meet the total number of credits needed to graduate. Some students plan to utilize these extra credits with an 18 credit minor.



Concentrations are used in the Interdisciplinary Studies major. The Interdisciplinary Studies program allows students to take a 24 credit concentration and 18 credit minor to create their own major. See an academic advisor for more information.


Information on Searching for Classes

So you only want to take ONLINE classes?

  • When searching for classes, click on mode of instruction
    • Select web course

In Person Classes vs Online Classes vs Hybrid Classes vs Accelerated Classes

  • In person classes have triple digit call numbers. Example: 001
  • Online classes have double digit call numbers. Example : O1
  • Hybrid classes are part online and in person and start with the letter H. Example: H02
  • Accelerated classes do not go for the full semester and start with the letter A. Example: A04
    • Pay attention to start and end dates for any accelerated course

Registration Tips

Tip #1: See Your Advisor EARLY! Summer and Fall Registration begins in early April, while Spring Registration begins in early November. Beat the rush and meet with your advisor at least two weeks before the start of registration season.

Tip #2: Check Your Holds on your Student Center . Be sure to click on the detail link in the holds area for more information on the hold and who to contact to resolve it.

Tip #3: Use Your Shopping Cart. The class schedule for Summer and Fall usually comes out by the middle of March. Spring schedule is usually available by middle of October. By planning ahead, you can search through the schedule early and place your preferred courses in your shopping cart. This way, when your enrollment appointment starts, you are ready to click enroll!

Registration Process

Students are scheduled enrollment appointments for registration based on the total number of credit hours earned. The more hours a student has earned, the earlier their enrollment appointment is to register.

STEP 1: Find out your enrollment appointment

  1. Access your Student Center
  2. Enter your NSHE ID and password to login.
  3. On the right-hand side, find Enrollment Dates.
  4. Click on link to see the earliest day and time you can access the registration system. This is what we call your Enrollment Appointment date.

STEP 2: Check for holds

  1. Access and log in to your Student Center
  2. On the right-hand side, find Holds.
  3. If any hold show up, click on the details link.
  4. Read the details and contact the appropriate office

STEP 3: Determine classes you want to enroll in
Confused about classes you want to enroll in? Meet with your academic advisor. Beat the rush and meet with your advisor before registration season.

Step 4: Register for your classes during registration to have the best course selection

How to Register and Know What Classes to Take

  • Pull up your academic requirements page
  • Log onto click on student center under quick links
    • Log in problems? Click link for reset password
      • If that doesn't work call 702-992-2400
  • Academic Requirements is in the drop down menu next to your class schedule
  • Scroll down and look at unsatisfied requirements
  • Click on Hyperlinks
    • Check that you meet pre-requisites
    • Click on view class schedule
    • Compare class schedule to your current schedule
    • Add to shopping cart
    • Proceed to Check out