Lori Navarrete, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Lori Navarette

Location: NSE Building, Office 336
Phone: (702) 992-2519
Fax: (702) 992-2516
Email: lori.navarrete@nsc.edu

Curriculum Vitae, Link to: (PDF)



Ph.D. Special Education, University of New Mexico
Emphases: Assessment, Sociocultural and Linguistic Competence
M.S. Special Education, University of New Mexico
Emphases: Learning Disabilities, Identification and Diagnosis of Disabilities
B.S. Secondary Education-Social Studies, University of New Mexico


Dr. Navarrete is an Associate Professor in the School of Education. She has worked in higher education for 19 years, in faculty and administrative positions, preparing effective teachers to work in both urban and rural settings. Her professional interests and experiences are in disability education, sociocultural and linguistic competence in teacher education, family engagement, and global and comparative education. Dr. Navarrete's professional experiences include involvement in community partnerships, professional organizations, and scholarly activities. She actively participates in Las Vegas community initiatives involving the Latina/o community.

Courses Taught

EDU 250 Foundations of Education
EDSC 321 Secondary Pedagogy I
EDSP 411 Students with Disabilities in the Regular Classroom
EDRL 471 Language Acquisition, Development and Learning
EDRL 474 Methods for English Language Learners
EDSC 403 Methods of Teaching English
EDSC 483 Student Teaching Supervision
EDUC 495 College Experience - STEP UP

Recent Scholarly Activities

Selected Manuscripts:
Graziano, K. & Navarrete, L. (2012) Co-teaching in a teacher education classroom: Collaboration, Compromise, and Creativity,
Issues in Teacher Education, 21(1), 109-126.
Luna, N. & Navarrete, L. (In Review 2012). Counterstories and Narratives of Latina/o Family Involvement in Education: A Community
Cultural Wealth Perspective. Journal of Urban Education.
Hudson, R. & Navarrete, L. (In Review 2012). Vocational Education-Higher Institution Collaborative Learning Experience: Project
VE-HICLE. Intervention School and Clinic.
Thurston, L.P., Navarrete, L. & Miller, T. (2009). A ten-year faculty mentoring program; Administrator, mentor, and mentee perspectives.
International Journal of Learning, 16(4), 401-415.
Shih, J. C., Olafson, L., & Navarrete, L. (2005). Adapting to meet the needs of a growing, urban school district. In P. Jenlink and K.
Mayo (Eds.), Portraits of teacher preparation: Learning to teach in a changing America. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Publishing.
Fletcher, T., & Navarrete, L. (2003). Learning disabilities or difference: A critical look at issues associated with the misidentification
and placement of Hispanic students in special education programs. Rural Special Education Quarterly, 22(4).
Thurston, L., Navarrete, L. (2003). Rural, poverty-level mothers: A comparative study of those with and without children who have
special needs. Rural Special Education Quarterly, 22(2), 15-23.

Selected Presentations:
Martinez, M., Fernandez, E., Martinez, P., Navarrete, L. (November, 2012). Ensuring Nevada's Future by Increasing Latino College Completion. Association for the Study of Higher Education Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada. (Accepted)

Watson, S., & Navarrete, L., (2011, February). Designing Instruction to Address the Diverse Needs of Students with Learning and Behavior Problems. International Design, Principles, and Practices Conference, Sapienza University, Rome Italy.

Navarrete, L, & Hahn, K. (January, 2010). Resiliency and risk factors in becoming a teacher: A STEP UP Model. 8th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu Hawaii.

Navarrete, L., & Graziano, K., & Stansbury, R. (January, 2010). Using the Danielson Framework for Teaching to evaluate a new teacher education program. 8th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu Hawaii.

Graziano, K., & Navarrete, L. (January, 2010). Co-teaching: Collaboration, compromise, and creativity in a college teacher, education, classroom. 8th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu Hawaii.

Thurston, L. P., Miller, T., & Navarrete, L. A. (January 2009). A ten-year faculty mentoring program: Administrator, mentor, and mentee perspective. The 16th International Conference on Learning. Barcelona, Spain.

Graziano, K. J. & Navarrete, L. A. (2008). Do I have to take a TESL course? A Co-teaching approach to developing cultural competence among preservice teachers. National Association for Multicultural Education. New Orleans. November 13, 2008.

Navarrete, L. A. & Thurston, L. P. (June, 2007). STEP UP: An innovative teacher preparation program: A model for addressing teacher shortages worldwide. 14th International Conference on Learning, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Thurston, L. P. & Navarrete, L. A. (June, 2007). The English language learner with learning disabilities: Understand me, teach me, and I will soar. 14th International Conference on Learning, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa..

Mayfield, F., Navarrete, L., Graziano, K., Hudson, R., Rudd, L., Duncombe, B., & DeMartini, C. (March, 2007). Representation and voice in professional development schools: Students' contributions to data collection. National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS) Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Other Selected Scholarship:

  • Coordinator of the Student Teacher Enlistment Project Undergraduate Program (STEP UP), 2006-2014.
  • PI on Math, Science, Technology Congressionally-directed Grant, 2009-2013
  • Collaborator on NV College Access Grant, Family Leadership Engagement Project. 2012.
  • Reviewer/Panelist, National Science Foundation, Research in Disabilities Education Division, 2010-present.

Other Information

Dr. Lori Navarrete served as Associate Dean, Interim Dean, and Dean of the NSC School of Education between 2007 and 2011. Selected successful initiatives that were commenced and/or sustained under her leadership include:

  • Enhancement of educational offerings in the SOE, to include new degrees and revision of curricula
  • Development of SOE assessment program
  • Expansion of SOE enrollment in both the undergraduate and post-baccalaureate programs
  • Development and implementation of SOE Online Teaching Certificate
  • Creation of new in-person and online course evaluation system
  • Continuation of STEP UP Program to increase the number of 1st generation, diverse teacher candidates
  • Solidified numerous partnerships with the school district and community
  • Completed successful reviews with the Nevada Department of Education and the Northwest Regional accreditation teams

International Experiences

The world is Dr. Navarrete's classroom and people she meets along the way are her teachers. The rural African women at the International Women's Congress in Uganda (2003) were her teachers when they showed her how to use patterns in weaving to teach math and how the songs they sing facilitate language and literacy development in their young children. The faculty she met at the Learning Conference in South Africa in 2007 who engaged her and peers in conversations about the challenges they are facing in a post-Apartheid era; they were her teachers. The educators she interviewed during her sabbatical in Mexico in 1999 who provided services for students with disabilities with so few resources were her teachers. A believer in comparative education, Dr. Navarrete feels we learn about ourselves and our challenges by observing and participating in experiences of others; in doing so we become part of the solution.