Technology Endorsement

The Nevada Department of Education offers a technology endorsement to licensed teachers who complete twelve credits in computers and technology. NSC is offering five courses in educational technology to include: Foundations in Educational Technology, Methods of Using Information Technology in Teaching and Learning, Technology and Application in Education, Integrating Literacy and Technology Literacy Instruction and Teaching Online Methods. Additionally, the Nevada Department of Education offers other technology-related endorsements in which the aforementioned courses could be applied.

Existing teachers and graduates from NSC need to be equipped with technology skills to enhance the learning experience for their students, who are entering schools as digital natives.


EDUC 399: Foundations of Educational Technology (3 credits)
Specialized course of study that examines issues and research of the role of technology in education. This course is an overview of the field of educational technology emphasizing current issues, technology use, planning, and evaluation and synthesis of research. Students will explore the effects of technology on education, including issues of equity, student achievement, and instructor efficacy.

EDUC 409: Technology Applications in Education (3 credits)
Students will explore the role of technology in education. A special emphasis will be placed on the use of technology as a tool to create a constructivist, higher order thinking, learning environment. Students will be proficient in a wide range of instructional technologies.

EDUC 416: Internet Application for Educators (3 credits)
Examines methods of integrating technology into teaching and learning. Students actively explore interactive technologies, telecommunications, educational multimedia, student and teacher productivity tools, online collaborative applications, and other educational online resources.

EDUC 417: Literacy and Technology (3 credits)
Examines appropriate and effective uses of technology in literacy development. Explores impact of technology on definition of literacy. New literacies are defined and explored as students create literacy lessons and centers using a wide range of instructional technologies.