What is a Master Plan?

Campus master plans are living documents that reflect functional relationships, environmental issues, vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns, landscaping, recreational space, architectural character and possibilities for campus growth. The essential characteristics of a campus master plan should be the integration of academic, financial, campus life, and facility issues.

Purpose of the Document

The master plan was prepared in order to plan for the orderly and efficient growth of the NSC campus. The campus master planning process provides an opportunity for the institution to consider its roots, access its current condition, and articulate a vision for its future. The process and resulting plan also support future decision-making by identifying the physical resources that will be needed to further the College's mission and goals, and providing the framework to guide facilities and resource decisions. This is particularly important in the case of a new campus, where the significant investment needed to establish and grow the institution must be managed in a timely but careful manner. The document addresses the campus site, anticipated program, projected facility needs, and the supporting infrastructure that will be needed to take the campus from its current enrollment to a projected long term enrollment of approximately 25,000 students (headcount).