Possible Scholarship Opportunities

For a list of external scholarships, students are encouraged to review the sites below. Many scholarship applications are available during the spring to be awarded in time for the following fall semester. This list is reviewed and updated on a monthly basis. Please continue to check to see the most up-to-date information.

For Clark County School District scholarship resources, students should visit http://thepef.org/programs_scholarships.html

 If you are the administrator of a scholarship you would like to list on this page, please email scholarships@nsc.edu



Air & Waste Management Association Scholarship
The Navada Section Scholarship

AAUW Boulder City Scholarship 28-Apr-17
Ark Law Group Fresh Start Scholarship 30-Apr-17
Cultural Diversity Foundation 12-May-17
Dave Cook Memorial Schoarship  Currently Closed 
Hannah Brown Urban League Scholarship   Currently Closed 
Kenny C. Guinn Memorial Scholarship  1-Apr-17
Nevada Tour Guide Scholarship 31-Dec-17
Italian American - Sons of Italy Scholarship  Currently Closed
Vegas Viking Scholarship (Norwegian-Americans) 15-Apr-17
Western Shoshone Educational Trust Fund Currently Closed 


The Dream Scholarship Currently Closed 
Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest Currently Closed 
Byron Hanke Fellowship 1-May-17
Davis Putter Scholarship Fund Opens 1-Jan-17
Mexican American Dream Scholarship Open
Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr. Scholarship for Young Hispanic Leaders Currently Closed
MALDEF Dream Act Student Activist Dream Scholarship Program Open
$10,000 Degrees Undergraduate Scholarship


Chicano Organizing & Research in Education–Que Llueva Café Scholarship Open
Buenas Opiniones Scholarships for Latin Students 1-Jan-17 and 31-Aug-17
SCW DREAMers Scholarship  31-May-17


$2,500 Military College Scholarship 31-May-17
12 Keys Academic Essay Scholarship April 1, October 1 annually
2017 Bi-Annual College Scholarship Essay Contest 1-Jun-17
24 Hourly Dentist Spreading Smiles Scholarship


25 Scholarship Gateways from Black Excel Multiple
2015 Ronald D. Weiss $2,500 Scholarship 21-Apr-17
2017 Cottage Inn Scholarship 31-May-17
2017 Weiss & Paarz Rising Star Scholarship 1-May-17
2016 Future of Assisted Living Scholarship 31-Dec-17
21th Centry Sensie Scholarship  30-Apr-17
Injury & Safety Scholarship Varies 
A Better Chance Multiple
A Great Coffee Scholarship Curently Closed 
Ames Group Scholarship 29-Aug-17
Annual $1500 Community Volunteer Scholarship 30-Jun-17
A Place for Mom Senior Care Innovation Scholarship 15-Apr-17 
Academic Investment Scholarship Listings Multiple
Academic Scholarships - Learn.Org 1-Apr-18
Adam Greenman American Dream Scholarship 1-Jun-17
Addiction Resource Scholarship 30-May Annually
Advocates Scholarships 30-May-17
AED Superstore College Scholarship 31-May-17
Aging Matters Scholarship 15-May-17
Always For Me #AlwaysForBeauty $1000 Scholarship


American Home Design Scholarship  1-July Annually 
American Psychological Association Scholarships and Fellowships Multiple
Ampronix Imaging Tech Scholarship  31-May-17
Armed Forces Scholarship January 1 annually
Aschere Energy Scholarship Varies 
Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund Multiple
ATT Savings Scholarship 14-Jun-17
Auto Accessories Scholarship  1-Jun-17
Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships Multiple
Becker Law Scholarship 2017 15-Apr-17
BestColleges.com Resources Multiple
Best Mattress Scholarship  19-May-17
Black Excel Scholarship Gateways Multiple
Blank Style Scholarship 1-Jul-17
BoB Scholarship 30-Nov-17
BrokeScholar Scholarship 31-Aug-17
Car Insurance Scholarship  20-Apr-17
CARiD Scholarship Program April 30, October 31 annually
Cash Store Continuing Education Scholarship 1-Apr-18
Catological Scholarship  1-Aug-17
Chegg.com Personalized Scholarship Search Multiple
Citrix RightSignature Scholarship  15-May-17
CJ Pony Parts Scholarship Video Contest Ongoing
Clever Solution Scholarship 17-Jul-17
Coca Cola Scholars Foundation Multiple
Coconut Oil Scholarship 31-May-17
Coil Law Scholarship 31-May-17
COIT Clean Living Scholarship 31-May-17
College Board Scholarship Search Multiple
CompareCards Scholarship Monthly
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Scholarship Programs Multiple
Console & Hollawell Legal leaders Scholarship July 15 annually
Consumer Health Digest Scholarship 1-Dec-17
Costculator Scholarship  31-Mar-17
County Office Scholarship  30-Apr & 30-Sept Annually
Custom Plush Toys Scholarship 15-Oct-17
Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Varies 
 Digital Marketing Scholarship  15-Sep-17
Discover Student Loans Scholarship Sweepstakes Varies
DocuTap Scholarship  31-Dec-17
Drive to Learn Scholarship 1-Jul-17
Duffy Law, LLC Scholarship 15-Jul-17
Emily Woodward Scholarship  31-May-17
Express Medical Supply Scholarship Program 30-Jun-17
FAFSA on the Web (Your Key Aid form and Info) Last day of academic year
Fastweb Multiple
Federal Employee Education Fund January - March each year
Federal Scholarships & Aid Gateways Multiple
FinAid: The Smart Students Guide to Financial Aid (Scholarships) Multiple
First Generation College Scholarship 31-May-17
Foster Child College Scholarship 31-May-17
Franchise Opportunities Scholarship  30-Apr-17
Free Search Multiple
Frost NYC Scholarship 31-Dec-17
Fruitful Kitchen Scholarship  15-Mar-17
Gates Millennium Scholarship  
Get-Frontier.com Scholarship 31-May-17
Giva Semi-Annual Student Scholarship June 1st and December 1st
GloFX College Scholarship 31-Jul-17
Goedeker's Scholarship 9-Jul-17
Golden ASP College Scholarship 31-May-17
Great Lakes National Scholarship Currently Closed 
GreenPal Scholarship Open
Griswold Home Care Scholarship 31-May-17
Guerra Dental Scholarship 1-Aug-17
Guide to Paying for Nursing School Scholarships Various
Hackard Law 2016 Academic Scholarship 16-Aug-17
Haka Tours Scholarship Multiple
Halo Scholarship 1-May-17
Hard Money Lender Scholarship  1-Jul-17
HeadSet Scholarship 31-Dec-17
Healthcare Leadership Scholarship  1-May-17
Health Trends Scholarship 30-Jun
Helping Women Pay For College Various 
Hi Line Scholarship  15-May-17
Holy Quran Classes Scholarship  30-Apr-17
Home Security Scholarship 10-Dec-17
Honoring Our Heroes Scholarship Ongoing
Hooked To Books Scholarship   
HotelsCheap 15-Apr-17
Hyperbiotics Student Scholarship 15-Nov-17
IAPAM $1000 Scholarship  1-Jun-17
iCompareFX USA Scholarship 1-April-17
InformedMag Scholarship 31-Dec-17
I Heart My School Scholarship October 31 and February 28
Indian Health Service Scholarship Program Varies 
Injury & Safety Scholarship Varies 
Innovation in Education Scholarship  20th of Each Month 
IOComparer Marketing Scholarship 1-Dec-17
Inspire Our Future Scholarship 1-Apr-17
Institutes of Health Scholarship Programs Ongoing
Insureon Small Business, Big Impact Scholarship 14-Mar-17
Interior Deluxe Scholarship 15-May-17
International Students Scholarships & Aid Help Multiple
Interreligious Peace Scholarship 15-Apr - Annually
Its Worth More Scholarship  14-Dec
Inverters R Us Power Scholarship 30-Jun-17
Italian Catholic Federation College Scholarship Program Multiple
iVein Health & Wellness Scholarship 31-Aug & 31-Dec
JacksonWhite Criminal Law Bi-Annua Scholarship 31-Mar-17
James "Rhio" O'Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund Monthly 
Jan Egerton & Don Smitley
Mesothelioma Scholarship
Jim Dodson Law Scholarship 30-Jun-17
Job Application Scholarship 25-Apr-17
Karman Healthcare Scholarship 1-Sep-17
Keith William Law Group Scholarship  10-Jun-17
LA Tutors 123 Innovation Scholarship 20th of Each Month 
Lamber-Goodnow Scholarship 1-Dec Annually
Leaf Filter Scholarship Program 26-Jun-17
League Foundation: Alternative Lifestyles Scholarships Annually 
League of United Latin American Citizens Multiple
Levin Law Scholarship 15-Feb-17
Logo Design Scholarship 30-Jun-17
Los Angeles DUI Attorney Diabetes Scholarship 15-Jun-17
Luvmihome Scholarship  30-June-17
MassMutual Scholarship Varies 
Matinee Voice-Over Scholarship 5-Jan-18
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship 31-Mar-17
Methodists Scholarships Multiple
MilitaryVALoan.com Disability Awareness Scholarship Currently Closed
Minority Financial Aid Guide Multiple
Mometrix College Scholarships 19-May-17
Monica's Health Scolarship of Academic Excellence  30-Aug-17
Money Geek Scholarship Varies
My Alarm Center Criminal Justice Scholarship 1-Jul-17
My Hair Web Scholarship  15-Jun-17
My Soccer HQ Scholarship  28-Feb-17
National Merit Scholarships Multiple
National Debt Relief Scholarship 31-Jan-18
New Mothers Scholarship 7-Jul-2017
Novus Biologicals Scholarship 17-Jul-17
Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship August 1st annually
NursesLink.org Nursing Student Scholarships July 31 - Yearly 
Nursing School Scholarship Varies
Off-Campus Student Scholarship 31-Jul-17
OMAP's100 Word Essay Health Care Scholarship Various
OnlyCanisterVacuum Scholarship  31-May-17
Outdoor Living Scholarship 31-Mar-17
Page Law Scholarship 30-Jun-17
PCB Solutions Scholarship 1-Aug & 1-Dec
Peck Law Firm Scholarship 31-May-17
Personality Type Scholarship  23-Jun-17
Pet Care Sunday Animal Acticvism Scholarship  31-Mar-17
Petkey Scholarship 22-Jul-17
Pipetech Plumbing & Rooter Scholarship  30-Apr-17
Power Moves Scholarship 1-Oct-17
ProToolZone Internet Marketing Scholarship  21-Dec-17
Public Health Scholarships Varies
Quran Scholarship 1-Aug-17
R&D Systems Scholarship Application Fall 2017 17-Jul-17
Race Entry Student Scholarship January 1 - August 15 each year
RadrDetector"s $1200 Scholarship Engineering / Medical  30-Mar-17
Real Estate Web Design Scholarship 15-Aug-17
RebornCabinets Scholarship 28-Feb-18
ReplaceMyContacts.com Coming Soon 
RN to BSN Scholarship Varies  
RNtoBSN.org Resources Multiple
Rocky Mountain Mattress - Mark A. Forester 1-Jun-17
Room to Travel 1-Aug-17
Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarships Coming Soon
Rover College Scholarship 31-May-17
Reiff & Bily Scholarship  1-Jul-17
Savvy Saver Scholarship Coming Soon
Scholarship by Design Award Multiple
Scholarship from American Graphics Institute 31-Jul/Dec Annually 
Scholarship Guide for Minority Students Ongoing
Scholarship News Multiple
Scholarship, Grant & Resources for Asian-American & Pacific Islander Students Various
Scholarship, Grant & Resources for Black Students Various 
Scholarship, Grant & Resources for Hispanic Students Various
Scholarships and Grants Multiple
SearchLites Digital Marketing Scholarship 16-Mar-17
Senior Caregiver Scholarship 15-Jul-17
Science Net Multiple
SEO & Digital Marketing Scholarship 1-Jul-17
ShipDig Scholarship Award 30-Apr/Sep-17
ShirtSpace's BiAnnual 5K Scholarship Coming Soon
Six Star $15,000 Scholarship 30-Apr-17
Single Parent Scholarship 1-Feb/ 31-Jul/31-Aug-17
Sixt Rent A Car Scholarship Opens Sept 2017
Sleepolois Scholarship Program 31-Mar-17
Slickdeals Student Scholarship Currently Closed 
SoftwareProviders Scholarship Multiple
Solar Scholarship 1-Jul-17
Spokeo Connections Scholarship 30-Jun-17
STDcheck HIV-Positive Scholarship Monthly
STEM Teachers Scholarships 22-Apr-17
Steinberg Injury Lawyer Scholarship  15-May-17
Surveys Say Scholarship 31-May-17
SWISSGEAR.com Ultimate Backpack Scholarship Currently Closed 
Target Tamers Scholarship 21-Nov-17
Teachers Make Teachers Scholarship 28-Apr-17
Technical Generation Scholarship 18-May-17
Ted & Stacey's Mattress Scholarship  1Aug-17
The Acculynx Scholarship for Higher Education 1-Jun-16 & 1-Oct-16
The Advocates Law Scholarship 11-Dec and 15-May
The Annual Kenneth P. Carp College Scholarship 31-Dec-17
The Annual Stewart J. Guss College Student Scholarship 1-Feb-17
The Christopher W. Keyser Undergraduate Scholarship 31-Jul-17
The Clubs of America Scholarship Award for Career Success 31-Aug-17
The Company Corporation’s Quarterly Business Plan Contest Quarterly
The Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Scholarship 1-June-17
The d Oliveira & Associates College Scholarship 28-Jul-17
The Expert Institute's Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship 31-Dec-17
The Fence Authority Scholarship 30-Jun-17
The Flood Preparation Scholarship 1-Jan-17
The H&P Veterans Helping Veterans Scholarships 1-May
The John Foy & Associates Strong Arm Leukemia Scholarship  15-Jun-17
The JRC Insurance Group Scholarship October 15, February 1, Annually
The Kerri Castellini Women's Leadership Scholarship Coming Soon 
The Law Office of Bradley R. Corbett Scholarship July 15 Annually
The Law Office of Joseph J. LoRusso P.A. 15-Jun-17
The Levin Firm Scholarship 15-Feb-17
The Melldon Law College Schoalrship  1-Jan-17
The Movers Corp Scholarship Multiple
The Renthop Scholarship Apr-30-17, Aug-31-17
The Rove Pest Control Scholarship 31-Dec-17
The Sleeklens Academic Scholarship Program 30-Mar-17
The Texas SEO Scholarship 1-Jan-17 and 5-Aug-17
The Zeiger Firm $1,000 Bi-Annual College Scholarship Essay Contest 10-Apr-17
Topal STEM Scholarship for Women Varies 
Travel Nursing Scholarship 29-Jan-17
United Negro College Fund Multiple
United States Hispanic Leadership Institute Multiple
United States Institute of Peace, National Peace Essay Contest Multiple
Upgrade Points Scholarship  1-Dec-17
USA Funds Access to Education Scholarships---Scholarship America Multiple
USAttorneys.com National Scholarship Essay Contest 15-Jan-17
Varsity Tutors College Scholarship Contest Open
Veterans United Foundation Ongoing
Vimbly Scholarship 31-May-17
Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship September 1 annually
WalletHacks Scholarship 1-Aug-17
WAL*MART Community Scholarship Multiple
Waterlogics Clean Water Scholarship Varies
Webucator 31-Mar Annually
Weird Scholarships Varies
Weisblatt Law Firm Scholarship 15-Jul-17
Wieand Legal Scholarship - Fall 2016 1-Jul-17
William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students Ongoing
WIMI Sports & Fitness Scholarship  31-Mar-17
Women in Technology Scholarship  
WyzAnt College Scholarship 1-Jun-17
Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky Scholarship 1-Jun-17