Benefits Philosophy

NSC is dedicated to providing a solid foundation of employee benefits that allow you to meet your personal and family needs. We realize the importance of financial security for the things that matter most to you and your family, such as having time away from work to spend with your family and handle personal and family obligations, maintaining your health and income should you become ill or injured; pursuing higher educational opportunities for you and your family; and saving for retirement. We believe that you are best able to contribute to the accomplishment of NSC s mission and vision if you and your family are healthy and secure.

To fulfill its mission, NSC depends upon a diverse group of highly qualified employees educators, administrators, and staff members who serve in a variety of other roles. We recognize that your benefits are an important element of the total compensation that you receive from NSC and that means that we need to communicate effectively with you to promote your full understanding and value of the benefits program. Our benefits emphasize prevention and health maintenance, promote quality of life, and support excellence in our knowledge-based workforce. We are committed to maintaining a comprehensive and competitive benefits program for our employees and their families to enable us to attract and retain the people needed to carry out our mission. NSC expects our employees to be informed about their benefits, to make benefits choices wisely, and to understand and accept the implications of their choices.

Benefits Philosophy Guiding Principles

  • We offer flexible options for you to choose the benefits that best meet your needs and preferences and are responsive to your own life events.
  • We provide a safety net of basic benefits protection against the financial impact of catastrophic life events.
  • We promote continuous learning for you and encourage higher education for your dependents.
  • We provide for continuation of basic benefits upon retirement.
  • We provide information and counseling to help you make educated choices about your benefits.