These procedures apply to all positions regardless of the funding source (e.g., state general funds, special fees, Foundation funds, etc.), the type of position (regular, budgeted permanent full and part-time positions, temporary appointments, or temporary workers contractually hired through a temporary agency), or the status of the position (new or existing but vacant).

Hiring Procedures
  1. Requests for permission to fill any position must be reviewed and approved by the President.
    • This includes all of the following categories:
      • Recruitments to fill regular, budgeted ( permanent ) full-time and part-time positions
      • Temporary appointments to fill permanent full-time and part-time positions
      • Temporary appointments to supplement permanent positions
      • Temporary workers contractually hired through a temporary agency
    • This does not include:
      • Part-time instructors
      • Student workers
      • Casual, temporary appointments (i.e.,160 and 1000 hour appointments)
  2. Requests for permission to fill a position are initiated by the dean or department/unit head, by completing the . The following documents must be included:
    • Current position description (PDQ for administrative faculty and NPD-19 for classified staff)
    • Justification for the requested position in the form of a cover memo (not to exceed 2 pages). At a minimum, the justification must address the following:
      • Start date of when the position is needed
      • Length of time the position is needed
      • Critical responsibilities of the position
      • Consequences if the position is not filled
      • Alternative ways to fulfill the responsibilities of the position if the position is not approved to be filled
  3. The required documentation must be routed for approval in the following order:
    1. Dean or department/division head
    2. Office of Human Resources
    3. Office of Budget and Sponsored Projects
    4. Provost & Executive Vice President (for positions in academic affairs and student affairs)
    5. Senior VP of Finance & Administration (for positions in Finance and Administration)
    6. President
  4. Upon approval from the President, the hiring manager works with HR to initiate the search process, in compliance with established policies and procedures; or to proceed with the temporary appointment.
  5. Upon completion of the search process and consultation with HR, an offer may be extended verbally if the salary is within the previously approved specified rage. No additional approvals are required before extending an offer in writing.
  6. If, in order to make a competitive offer, the salary is to exceed the range specified on the request, a revised request must be re-routed for secondary review and approval following the routing process specified in number 3 above.

For assistance with this process, contact the Office of Human Resources at 992-2320.