Search Committee Training

Search Process Overview

Nevada State College conducts faculty searches using a structured methodology to ensure consistency and equity across campus. The Office of Human Resources receives the request to fill the vacancy from the dean/director (the hiring manager) along with the approval of the provost or vice president. The hiring manager consults with the Office of Human Resources to develop and post the advertisement. The ad is designed to market NSC as well as attract the desired caliber of applicants. Ads are posted for a minimum of four weeks. While the position is posted, the hiring manager selects the search committee. Membership on all search committees is reviewed by the provost or vice president, and the Office of Human Resources. Members are selected based on their ability to add value to the committee; they need to provide a variety of perspectives pertaining to the position as well as broadly representing NSC, including the physical diversity of the campus.

Training for Search Committee Members

Training consists of three primary areas:

  1. Complying with legal requirements (employment law)
  2. Behaviorally-based interviewing
  3. Using the applicant-tracking system

The search committee receives training from the Office of Human Resources, which includes material on legal compliance (i.e., employment law) and NSC goals (e.g., welcoming diversity). This component of the training, called Inclusion in the Workplace: Campus Compliance and Beyond, is now available online at During the HR training, committee members are shown how to access the training online, which they need to complete before they can begin to review applications. Upon completion of the online training, they take a brief test to assess their comprehension. Successful completion is documented when the certificate of completion is printed and sent to HR.

The committee members receive training on behaviorally-based interviewing and identification and assessment of competencies that correlate to high performance in the position. The search committee chair and members are each provided with a copy of the CUPA-HR publication entitled Interview Guide: A Resource for Supervisors and Others Involved in the Selection Process to use as a reference. Search committee chairs are responsible for ensuring that all Interview Guides are returned to HR at the conclusion of the search process.

The search committee is also trained on how to use the applicant tracking system to review and screen application materials. Suggestions for screening applicants and completing matrices to compare and contrast applicants' required and preferred qualifications are provided.

Throughout the search process, the Office of Human Resources provides assistance and guidance.