Finance Lab

The Finance Lab at Nevada State College embodies our commitment to unique, real-world learning experiences. Inspired by leading Wall Street financial centers, the Lab merges cutting edge technology with on-demand market information.

A sprawling, 30-foot bank of high-definition monitors treats students to live video, breaking news reports, and the market data that drive world economies. A full color, 38-foot rolling ticker tells the stock fortunes of major corporations, and an array of digital clocks keep students abreast of when important events occur in the world's foremost markets.

Anchoring the facility are 40 web-enabled computer workstations. Here students tackle class projects and literally keep the latest technological tools at their fingertips. When class participation beckons, students can contribute using the iClicker wireless response system.

As a whole, the Finance Lab reflects the philosophy that guides the Business Programs at NSC to prepare students for career success on the strength of an innovative and engaging learning experience.