The NSC School of Liberal Arts & Sciences combines the best of a research institution and a liberal arts college into an extraordinary center of creativity, inquiry and discovery.

Educators in the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences are highly sought after in their fields for their depth of knowledge and their experience in a wide range of subjects. Here is just a small sample of the scholarly work from our faculty members.

  • Pete La Chapelle, Associate Professor of History, recently published a book with the University of California Press, Proud to Be an Okie: Cultural Politics, Country Music, and Migration to Southern California. The book received an honorable mention for the Urban History Association's Kenneth Jackson Award for Best Book in Urban History and was named one of the "Top 100 Noteworthy Books of the Year" by the Kansas City Star. No Depression Magazine, which covers alt-country and Americana music, calls it "the most important volume of country music history to emerge in years." La Chapelle, a former Smithsonian Postdoctoral Fellow, is now working on a more general book about the connections between country music and politics that will examine such topics as Henry Ford's political aspirations and his sponsorship of old-time fiddling contests in the 1920s.
  • Tony Scinta, Vice Provost of Academic Innovation & Student Success and Associate Professor of Psychology. Dr. Scinta's research begins from the premise that people may be unwilling or unable to report their true feelings about important issues. Guided by this principle, Dr. Scinta uses response latency techniques to measure attitudes and beliefs that do not show up on traditional paper-and-pencil surveys, particularly in the domains of prejudice and romantic relationships. His research in these areas has been presented at national conferences and published in top academic journals such as Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. As a dedicated teacher, Dr. Scinta also conducts research about a variety of factors that affect the quality of instruction in higher education.
  • Vu Duong, Senior Biology Lecturer, has published several book chapters and journal articles in the field of ophthalmology. His research typically examines cutting-edge eye treatments and surgical procedures designed to alleviate life-altering visual impairments. Dr. Duong recently completed a manuscript that compares the effectiveness of different treatments for post-operative cataract patients, and his latest work draws on his humanitarian efforts in under-developed countries. Based on his extensive work in the classroom, Dr. Duong also recently co-authored a Case Studies Workbook (Kendal Hunt Publishing, 2009) for use in Anatomy & Physiology courses.