Gwen Sharp, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences; associate professor of sociology

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.S. Rural Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Location: LAS Building, Office 243
Phone: (702) 992-2645

The first person in her family to attend college, Dr. Gwen Sharp earned a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Oklahoma. She decided to try out a snowier climate and moved north, receiving her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2005. She joined NSC in 2007, excited to work at a teaching-focused institution that emphasizes serving first-generation and historically under-served students, and to get away from the snow. She developed the sociology minor at NSC and taught Principles of Sociology, Gender and Society, Racial and Ethnic Conflict, Social Stratification, Sex and Social Relations, and Popular Culture. Dr. Sharp won the 2012 campus award for Teaching Excellence at NSC, and in 2014 received the state-wide Nevada Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award. She now serves as the Associate Dean of LAS.

Dr. Sharp's current research projects include gendered portrayals of evolution in biology textbooks and understanding whether first-generation college students have accurate perceptions of the requirements to get into graduate programs.

public sociology

Dr. Sharp previously co-authored the website Sociological Images: Seeing Is Believing, a site that provides commentary on images to help illustrate sociological concepts and foster a public sociological imagination. It receives over 500,000 visits per month, is followed by over 40,000 individuals via Facebook, 15,000 on Twitter, and more than 10,000 on Pinterest. Dr. Sharp's posts have been featured in stories by media outlets and websites including Psychology Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Globe and Mail, and Adweek; she also appeared on National Public Radio's Morning Edition program.

As a result of her work on Sociological Images, Dr. Sharp, along with site founder Dr. Lisa Wade, were awarded the 2012 Public Sociology award from the University of Minnesota's Department of Sociology, as well as the American Sociological Association section on Communications and Information Technology (CITASA) 2012 award for Public Sociology. In 2015 they received the American Sociological Association's Distinguished Contributions to Teaching award in recognition of their significant impacts on teaching sociology.

selected Publications
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