Foundational Mathematics

In the last few years, the math professors at Nevada State College have observed that many students who place into Math 093 and Math 097 struggle to complete their math remediation. Because of this, many students degrees are pushed back two or three semesters (or more) as they retake these math courses, and some students simply give up on college entirely.

To address this problem, in Fall 2011 we have developed an innovative format for our math remediation designed specifically to help students get through the remedial math classes more quickly and with a higher level of understanding and skill.

Instead of a single 15-week semester, you will take three separate 5-week modules. Each module will be completed on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. When you complete a module, you will advance to the next one. If you do not successfully complete a module, rather than spend the rest of the semester being lost and struggling to catch up, you will immediately repeat the module during the next 5-week session so that you learn the skills needed to succeed.

This change has several significant benefits:

  • When you successfully complete the third module, you will receive an A for Math 093.
  • You will only need to focus on compact, 5-week modules.
  • You will not lose time and money repeating material you have already mastered.
  • When the program is launched in full, we will have a continuous program that connects Math 093 and Math 097, allowing you to transition easily from one class to the next.

Our goal is to increase access to higher education by bringing students to the level of mathematical ability required to be successful in college. The Foundational Mathematics program offers you an improved format for learning the essential math skills you need to move forward in your degree program as quickly and efficiently as possible, and you'll only find it in LAS.