Special Initiatives

In the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), students don't have to choose between a classical Liberal Arts education and an innovative student-centered experience - they can have both. These highlights described here are just a few of all the exceptional programs that students can look forward to from LAS.

Starting an Undergraduate degree can be intimidating, especially for students looking for a direction! That's why our First Year Experience program allows students to look at relevant topics from a unique standpoint. From the business of global climate changes to the biology of discrimination, the First Year Experience program lets you look at the world differently. If you re uncertain about your major, these courses will give you a sneak peak at what LAS has to offer.

For the inquisitive and curious students who love to learn about the physical world, LAS offers workshops to help train future scientists. Workshops like the Capillary Electrophoresis Lab allow students to get hands-on experience using industry-standard biotechnology equipment. Be it as an impressive resume addition or a just an exciting new experience, workshops like these let students choose what path they pursue with the confidence that they have the skills to succeed.