Read the following instructions to understand how and when to request accommodations.

Requesting Accommodations

  • Students who wish to request accommodations on the basis of their disability must initiate their request at the Disability Resource Center (DRC), located in the Roger's Student Center in Room 123.  Appointments can be scheduled at 702-992-2180.
  • Later correspondence may be conducted by phone or e-mail, but initial accommodation requests are best made through personal contact with DRC staff in person or through synchronous electronic means.
  • Students requesting accommodations (in person) will be given an Accommodation Request Form to be completed upon interactive discussion with the Director of DRC for term.
  • Requests should be made as early as possible in order to submit the appropriate documentation and make the necessary arrangements in a timely manner.
  • Nevada State College will make every effort to respond to the appropriately filed requests in a timely manner, but may not be able to assure immediate availability of needed accommodations without reasonable, timely advance notice from the student.

Evaluating Requests for Accommodation

  • In order to fully evaluate requests for accommodations or auxiliary aids, Nevada State College requires verification of the student's status as a person with a disability. (See Documentation of Disability) The documentation serves two purposes: (a) it establishes that the individual is a person with a disability as defined by law and eligible for protection; and (b) it is used by the college to determine what, if any, reasonable accommodations must be made in order to assure the individual has equal access to programs, services, and activities.
  • A student may choose to submit documentation of a disability at any point during a semester; however, accommodations cannot be enforced retroactively. Accommodations can only begin once all necessary information is submitted to the DRC and has been deemed acceptable.
  • Students are required to meet with the Director of the DRC for a personal intake interview (meeting may be through phone or electronic means, although face-to-face meetings are most helpful, when possible). During the interview, the student's preferences and needs will be interactively discussed with the Director. The intent of this meeting is to generate a list of potential reasonable accommodations that comply with federal mandates ensuring accessibility to Nevada State College programs and activities while simultaneously ensuring that the fundamental nature of the course is not altered. Final determination of approved accommodations will consider potential effectiveness, preferences of the user, best practices, and the impact on curriculum.
  • The Director of the DRC is responsible for receiving, holding, and evaluating documentation of disability on behalf of college administration. This responsibility extends to determining which accommodations are to be provided to students with disabilities to ensure institutional compliance under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Faculty Notification

  • The DRC will make a determination of the appropriate reasonable accommodations needed for access and issue an accommodation letter for the term.
  • With the student's signed permission, the accommodation letter will be emailed to his/her appropriate faculty member(s), preferably at the beginning of each semester or as soon as s/he becomes eligible for accommodations.
  • The student is responsible for making initial contact with the faculty member and discussing the nature and implementation of the reasonable accommodations.
  • The DRC will utilize email to notify instructors of distance education classes for students with disabilities requiring accommodations. Instructors also will receive the student's accommodation letter for their files.
  • Once notification is received, the instructor should immediately begin facilitating the accommodations as delineated. Any questions should be directed to the Director of DRC at 702-992-2182 or .