For Faculty & Staff

  • The DRC has been assigned responsibility for determining whether a student at Nevada State College is a qualified person with a disability under federal law, and what accommodations or support may be necessary in order to assure that such students have full access and equity to all programs and services of the College. To that end, the DRC is responsible for collecting all confidential information regarding students with disabilities and ascertaining what accommodations or actions are necessary to fulfill the institution's legal mandate for access. This process is done on a case-by-case, individualized basis.
  • The DRC office will contact all students who have voluntarily identified themselves as having a disability after the college admission process is completed.
  • Faculty who are approached by students requesting accommodation directly should refer those students to the DRC office. Professors are not obligated to provide accommodations to students who do not provide appropriate correspondence from the DRC documenting the need for such accommodations.
  • If a student offers to provide documentation of his/her disability directly to faculty, the faculty should refer the student to the DRC office. Faculty should NOT hold documentation of a student's disability in their personal files. The file(s) should be turned into the DRC by the student with documentation directly.
  • Faculty members who observe student difficulties that are indicative of a disability may refer that student to the DRC office. Please remain sensitive to the situation and do not infer that you believe the student has a disability.
  • Reasonable accommodations and academic modifications are determined by the DRC staff based upon the specific needs of the student as identified by the DRC and the academic requirements of the appropriate department or program. Recommendations for accommodations cited in a psycho-educational assessment or from medical health personnel will be considered. However, DRC reserves the right to prescribe/provide accommodations its professional staff determines appropriate to the disability. Degree modifications, such as a course substitution, also require approval by the appropriate Dean of the school.

General Procedures

  • The student is responsible for submitting a copy of his/her current class schedule and course syllabus for every course being taken each semester for which she/he is requesting accommodations. The student should complete, sign and submit an Accommodation Request form each semester (Download the DRC Accommodation Request form)
  • The accommodations approved by the DRC will be specified on the accommodation letter provided to the student and subsequently emailed, with student permission, to the student's current professor(s).
  • The student is responsible for making initial contact with the faculty member and discussing the letter of accommodation. This ensures that the faculty, student, and DRC are working together to make certain that accommodations are appropriately implemented and that any additional potential barriers are identified and addressed early in the semester.  It also ensures that the faculty member is an active participant in the accommodations process.
  • Once notification is received, the instructor should immediately begin implementing the accommodations as delineated. As accommodations are generally not granted retroactively, failure on the part of the student to meet confidentially with the  faculty in a timely manner to discuss and implement accommodations may result in the student not receiving the accommodation until such notification is made.
  • The accommodation letter provided by the Disability Resource Center is the only institutionally-recognized form of notification for academic accommodations. Faculty may make any alternative arrangements to their standard policies/procedures for students with disabilities - just as they are free to make alternative arrangements with any student - above and beyond the accommodations denoted as necessary by the DRC under applicable State and Federal law. However, disability-related accommodations recognized and supported by Nevada State College can be assigned only by the Disability Resource Center.
  • Any change in the student's schedule (including withdrawals) should be provided to the DRC office immediately.

Faculty Accommodation Request Concerns

Members of the college community who have concerns regarding recommended accommodations should contact the DRC rather than making their concerns known directly to the student. Faculty members may contact the DRC office directly at 702-992-2180, or email us at