New Student Orientation Offers Glimpse into the First College Semester

Transitioning into a college environment for the first time can feel like a daunting and confusing process for many new students. This exciting time impacts not only students, but their families and support systems as well. In order to ease the transition into college, NSC has developed a program, which makes the process a fun learning experience. It’s called the New Student Orientation and Registration Program. Besides helping to quell some of the apprehensions new students may have, the program sets them on a track for success during their college experience.
The New Student Orientation and Registration Program, a half-day event for admitted students, is offered several times throughout the summer. The half day program essentially prepares students for their first semester at NSC. During the program, students learn about the academic requirements for their chosen majors, find out how the financial aid and scholarships processes work, register for Fall classes, and meet with other new NSC students before the semester officially begins.
Because family plays such a large role in a student’s academic success, family members are encouraged to attend. A presentation hosted by NSC faculty and administrators is offered for the student’s family during the scheduled program.
The program really connects students to NSC, creating an affinity said Jerica Turek, Coordinator for the New & Transfer Student Orientation program.
The new students coming to NSC campus community will be joining a student population which has quickly grown to over 2,600 students. NSC’s enrollment has reached amazing heights, as the institution’s growth rate over last spring was 26%. And while the institution is continually growing, the welcoming atmosphere on the campus remains the same. The program will give new students a glimpse into the supportive environment NSC has to offer. From small class sizes to professors that offer individual attention in and out of the classroom new students and their families will learn about the strong academic values NSC provides. In addition to the academic area of college, new students can find out about the various clubs and organizations on campus to enrich their lives outside of the classroom.
For additional information about the New Student Orientation and Registration program, please visit the Office of Orientation web page at or call (702) 992.2134.

President Maryanski Presents Campus Community with Budget Update

For the past few months, budget cuts have been weighing on the minds of many within Nevada’s system of higher education. NSC is no different. President Fred Maryanski recently met with members of the campus community and updated them on the college’s budget reduction plans.
One theme became quickly evident in Maryanski’s remarks: NSC is here for the long term. There may have been speculation as to how NSC would survive these cuts, but I am happy to report that NSC will be moving forward boldly during these budget periods, said President Maryanski.
In order to meet the 6.9% reduction for the fiscal year 2010-2011, funded vacant job positions will now be cancelled. By cancelling searches for vacant positions, currently filled positions will not be impacted. While budget reductions have been made across the board on campus, NSC’s scholarship fund has remained untouched. In fact, scholarship funding rose 21.18%, as the increase in student fees over FY 08-09 went directly into the scholarship fund.
NSC has been using an Executive Budget Committee over the past two years to balance the institution’s budget. This 19-member committee is comprised of students, faculty and staff. The committee took into consideration many factors during the development of the latest reduction plans. The factors included previous budget reductions and current conditions, including vacant positions, anticipated cost increases, which include the potential of future budget reductions.
Speaking to the commitment of the institution’s faculty and staff, President Maryanski remarked, I am proud you live our mission and provide our students with the opportunity for success.
Despite various higher education budget cuts over the past few years, perhaps the greatest testament of NSC’s strength as a competitive institution of higher learning was demonstrated in the enrollment numbers presented during the meeting. NSC has experienced an astounding 26% growth rate over last spring, bringing the institution’s headcount to 2,634, a huge leap from NSC’s enrollment of 177 students in 2002.
Looking to the future, President Maryanski shared with faculty and staff gathered that the college will be presenting its Master Plan at the June Board of Regents meeting.

NSC honors its current shining ‘Star’, Cory McDonald

Cory provides quality customer service, and by doing so he creates a sense of community at NSC. It is for this that Cory is a phenomenal example of an NSC Star! -Angela Brommel
For three and a half years, Cory has been a proud member of the NSC campus community. During his time at NSC, Cory has worn many different hats. He began working in the Nevada State Bookstore as the Textbook Coordinator, where he consistently increased the number of used textbooks provided for students each semester. He also played an integral role in the launching of the Bookstore’s online textbook ordering system. As of July 2009, Cory took on a new position in the NSC Cashiers Office as Student Account Representative.
Cory’s dedication to being a member of the NSC staff shines in his work and his daily interactions with students, faculty and staff. While NSC considers itself lucky to have Cory on board, he’ll be the first to tell you he’s the lucky one. As he said it best, I’ve been very fortunate to work with amazing people. Everyone is dedicated to the growth of the college, and there is a real feeling of family amongst the campus as a whole.
As an avid video gamer, you can find Cory playing video games in his leisure time it started with Pong, and he hasn’t stopped since!