Discover NSC from the Comfort of Your Home

By Mandi Enger
Deciding on which college to attend is often a difficult and time-intensive process. From learning about academic programs and financial aid to better understanding a college’s extracurricular dis, prospective students can easily get overwhelmed by the amount of new information that is now available to them. To help prospective students in their selection process Nevada State College recently created a Virtual Campus Tour that allows users to get an intimate look at the campus without having to step foot on its grounds.
Our Virtual Camps Tour is an interactive tool designed to introduce potential students and the larger community to Nevada State College, said Courtney Hafen, an academic advisor in the Office of the Provost. Through video captures, the tour also allows potential students to meet current students and faculty in order to get a real feel of the positive learning environment on our campus.
Who We Are
Led by a current NSC student, the tour begins with a video introduction of the campus and step-by-step guide through the process of becoming an enrolled student. Starting with the admissions office, an online application and submittal of transcripts, students may be admitted within minutes of applying. The video tour then highlights resources available to students such as the Centralized Advising Academic Center, the Student Academic Center and the Resource Center for Students with Disabilities.
The second segment of the Virtual Campus Tour allows prospective students to explore each of NSC’s dynamic academic concentrations. From the School of Education, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences to the School of Nursing, prospective students have the opportunity to meet several devoted NSC professors and current students as they share the highlights of each degree program.
Student Life
The campus tour then includes a video segment featuring student life outside of classroom activities. Additionally, NSC students share their views on the significance of their involvement in student-run organizations, community service activities, pre-professional clubs and the NSC Student Alliance (the student government). Opportunities to become involved in extracurricular activities are available to students of all degree programs.
Virtual Map
Finally, prospective students may become acquainted with each of NSC’s campus locations through the virtual map tool. The map renderings provide a birds-eye view of each NSC building, noting the location of integral offices and departments in order to assist prospective students in navigating their way around the campus.
Future developments planned to break ground near the Liberal Arts and Sciences building are also detailed on the virtual map.
If you are new to Nevada State College and have any questions regarding the information provided in the Virtual Campus Tour or if you’d like to schedule an on-site visit, please contact the Admissions Office at (702) 992-2130 or

Nurse Residency Program Launched by Nevada State College and Sunrise Hospital Advances First Cohort

By Mandi Enger
Nevada State College in partnership with Sunrise Hospital successfully advanced the first cohort of 28 nurses through the newly launched nurse residency program in December of 2011. The yearlong program was established at the hospital in order to battle the 27.1% national turnover rate of new hire nurses. Upon completion of the program at the end of 2011, 25 program graduates remain employed at Sunrise Hospital an 89% retention rate for the first year of the program.
The program has proven to be a great way for the nurses that are just graduating to transition into full members of the Sunrise nursing team, said Minta Albietz, CNO at Sunrise Hospital. Our local schools do a great job of educating nurses and we are very proud to have them on staff here at Sunrise.
The Nevada State College School of Nursing began researching the development of college and hospital partnership-based residency retention programs after numerous BSN graduates voiced their difficulty in finding long-term jobs in Southern Nevada. While nurses are still in high-demand in Nevada as well as nationwide, hospitals have individual facility and unit experience ratios to meet (experienced vs. novice) which can often deter the hiring of recent graduates. In addition, the retention program was initiated to ease the transition of BSNs into the field as it is common for graduates to become overwhelmed and leave the profession in the first year of employment due to the differences between their personal career expectations and the reality of the nursing field. Nurse retention is exceedingly important to hospitals as orientation of a new nurse during their first year of employment can cost the hospital upwards of $85,000.
The UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program was brought to Southern Nevada in December of 2010 after the Nevada State College School of Nursing was awarded funding from a federal grant program. It is the first retention program in the state to utilize this specific curriculum and the first to be initiated by a college or university rather than by a hospital.
The NSC team saw a consistent need for such a program to assist both graduates as well as local hospitals so we began researching program options and possible funding, stated Ruby Wertz, RN and Assistant Dean of the College of Nursing. This program allows BSNs from Nevada State, as well as other institutions to have the support needed to advance from a novice to a more skilled and capable nurse in our community. The program is a venue for continued learning and knowledge growth. We’re excited to see how the second group of nurses develops during the next year.
The 29 nurses currently in the second cohort of the program at Sunrise Hospital meet together on a monthly basis during a two-part meeting. The meetings start with a presentation from an expert in the medical field discussing topics such as teamwork, resource management, cultural competency and professional development. During the second half of the meetings, the new graduates participate in small group discussions titled Tales from the Bedside. All nurses are encouraged to share their experiences, feelings, fears, issue as well as successes. All discussions are confidential and provide much needed support, reinforcement and community.
“Tales from the Bedside is a great opportunity to catch your breath and share how you’re doing and feeling as a new RN. As a first-year nurse, the moral support and advice my group has given me has been invaluable. It’s something I look forward to every month, stated program participant, Garrett Kakita, RN and NSC graduate.
Unique to the Nevada State College/Sunrise Hospital Residency Program, nurses apply for positions within their individually selected unit (neonatal intensive care, cardiology, trauma, etc.) based on availability and personal interest rather than rotating through each division. Additionally, nurses experience both day and nightshift during the program to gain an understanding of each.
Ruby Wertz, RN and Dr. Amy Chaffin of NSC will be presenting a poster at the ATI National Nurse Educator Summit this April to share their findings on the success of the program’s first year specific to the Tales from the Bedside segment. Nevada State College and Sunrise Hospital will continue to advance the second residency cohort through the program throughout this year while also working to secure funding to continue the program into a third year starting this coming December. C

NSC’s Founding Chapter of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

By Mandi Enger
The School of Education, Speech Pathology Program is eager to announce the induction of Nevada State College’s founding chapter of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA). The group held their second organizational meeting on February 14, 2012, to discuss membership as well as to elect participants to the NSC NSSLHA board. Approximately 70 students have signed up to join and have selected a five-member board to carry the chapter through 2013.
The establishing NSC NSSLHA board members include:
President: Kristy Osborne
Vice-President: Kelly Walls
Secretary: Hillary Nakamoto
Treasurer: Margarita Ortiz
Historian: Tenaya Watson
“I love being in a learning environment and having the opportunity to be involved in campus organizations like NSSLHA. I know once other students find out about it, they will love it too, shared Kristy Osborne after accepting the position of chapter president. My goal is to help the organization grow and make ourselves known here in Nevada. I look forward to meeting and working closely with the members, creating a strong chapter and having a great year.”
This pre-professional membership association provides opportunities for students to enhance their studies of communication sciences and disorders outside of the classroom. Members join on both a local and national level and have access to a range of experiences and benefits including:
Creating a campus community to discuss and promote topics in speech pathology
Connecting with professionals in the industry (schools, hospitals, private-care facilities, etc.) during events
Attending national conferences through chapter fundraising efforts
Participating in chapter community service projects
Getting to know other students in the NSC Speech Pathology Program
Access to trade publications and association newsletters
Discounted American Speech Language Hearing Association (professional membership association) fees upon graduation
As the founding members of the NSC chapter, the 2012 students will have the opportunity to determine the chapter’s collective interests and set goals for the group moving forward. Additionally, participants are currently in the planning stage for their first official event and meeting, tentatively scheduled for late March.
Helping to pioneer the NSC NSSLHA chapter is faculty advisor, Amy Bourji-Nassar.
I am very excited to help our students establish this organization. I think it will be a wonderful way for our future speech and language pathologists to stay current on advancements in their field and to raise awareness of our profession. NSSLHA members will work together to further familiarize one another, and the community of their mission as SLPs.
Applications for membership are open on an on-going basis. For more information or to become a member of the Nevada State National Student Speech Language Hearing Association please contact Amy via email at or