NSSA hosts first-ever "Scorpion Splash"

NSSA’s Programming Board hosted its first ever Scorpion Splash event on Friday, April 29, 2016.
The event began with a 5K (3.1 miles) run that started in front of the Rogers Student Center (RSC) at 8:00 a.m. Students, faculty, staff and their families were invited to participate in the event.
Runners followed a trail around the campus, and were splattered with paint by event volunteers along the way.

The race ended where it began (in front of the RSC), and the event turned into a celebration for the runners/mixer in the RSC plaza area. Participants were given gifts from NSSA, including customized sweat bands and NSSA swag, as prizes.
The event featured a DJ and light refreshments on the top deck of the RSC plaza. Additionally, finishers engaged in water fights with water balloons and water guns.

“Scorpion Splash was awesome because we had participation from both students, faculty and staff, and we all ran and had fun together,” said Director of Marketing Ellen Guerra. “I love events like this, where we all get to come together as a campus community.”
More than 50 NSC students, faculty, staff and family members participated in the day’s activities, with at least 30 completing the 5K run. “I was very happy with the turn-out for the event, especially considering it was the first one we’ve ever done,” said the event’s organizer, NSSA Senator Moee Turbin. “Everyone had an amazing time, and I look forward to us being able to do this every year.”

To see more photos from Scorpion Splash, please visit NSSA on Facebook.

NSC Presents: Psychology students attend Western Psychological Association scientific conference

A growing percentage of undergraduate students are interested in applying to graduate programs. In order to be a competitive graduate school applicant, most programs seek students who have had ample experience conducting and presenting their research. Although Nevada State College is not a large research institution, the college still affords its students opportunities to gain hands-on research experience through coursework offered and through working directly with faculty members. Seven psychology students working with Dr. Laura Naumann conducted research on two different projects during the 2015-2016 academic year. Students presented their preliminary findings from these projects at the WPA conference in Long Beach.
Who:  Laura Naumann, Assistant Professor of Psychology, and her team of research assistants (Danette Barber, Pamela El Gergi, Melissa Jenkins, Brianna Mercadante, Katie Meyerowitz, Paula Ramirez, and Sein Tun).
What:  Western Psychological Association (WPA)
When:  April 28 – May 1, 2016
Where:  Long Beach, CA
Why:  To provide students with the opportunity to gain experience presenting their research findings to a scientific audience as well as learn about the most up-to-date research happening in the field of psychology.
Presentation Highlights:

Caught on Camera: Behavioral Measures of Friend and Romantic Relationships
Participants wore a mini-camera that captured photos of the surrounding environment including who the person was interacting with. Participants who were more avoidantly-attached (e.g., kept emotional distance from others) experienced less positive interactions with others and had lower satisfaction with their relationships.

Losing Focus: Behavioral Measures of Computer Use and Life Satisfaction
Participants wore a mini-camera that captured photos of the surrounding environment including when the person was on the computer. Participants who were captured spending more time on the computer were also judged to be more distracted while working (e.g., on their cell phone, engaging with others). Additionally, those who spent more time working on homework experienced more satisfaction with their life.

Assessing Mental Health Needs at a Minority-Serving Institution

  • Students at Nevada State College completed a survey assessing their mental health over the last semester, if they had ever contemplated withdrawing from school, and their knowledge of mental health resources available to students. Sixty-three percent of NSC students had, at least once, contemplated withdrawing from NSC. These students experienced much higher levels of depression and stress compared to students who had never contemplated withdrawing. Unfortunately, 64% of NSC students had no knowledge of the free resources available through UNLV’s counseling center that could have helped them manage their depression and stress.

Interested in learning more? Visit NSC’s psychology website www.nscpsychology.com or reach out to Laura.Naumann@nsc.edu to get involved with psychology research (either as a participant or research assistant).
*To submit your presentation for the “NSC Presents” series, please contact Yanné Givens at Yanne.Givens@nsc.edu

NSC Celebrates Annual Commencement, Boasts Largest Graduating Class

Nevada State College hosted its annual commencement ceremony at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 7, at the Henderson Pavilion.
This year, the college held its largest commencement ceremony ever, with 403 graduates. Nevada State College has nearly doubled the size of its graduating classes over the past five years, having a graduating class of 211 in 2011 and growing to 265 in 2012, 299 in 2013, 349 in 2014 and 389 last year.
With the addition of this year’s graduates, more than 3,000 students have graduated from Nevada State College since its first commencement ceremony in 2004.
“I am honored to present degrees to this year’s graduating class,” said Nevada State College President Bart Patterson. “These students come from all walks of life, but all have the same goals –to work hard, obtain a degree, and begin a successful career that allows them to be the difference in their community. I am pleased that Nevada State College was able to help them achieve their goals and prepare them for greatness in their chosen careers, not only with stellar instruction but with the amenities and resources of our newly-expanded campus.”
At the commencement, Nevada State College bestowed a Regents’ Scholar Award to student standout, Juana Ivette Garcia, and three President’s Medals to distinguished local leaders and philanthropists who have shown extraordinary commitment to the school’s mission. The 2016 President’s Medal recipients are:  Fred Gibson, Jr., John Gibson, and Otto Merida.
The 2016 Regents’ Scholar Award recipient is Juana Ivette Garcia.
Juana Ivette Garcia
Juana Ivette Garcia embodies the ideas of Nevada State College through her tireless dedication to research. Garcia is receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. She has been notified of being a top Ph.D. candidate for the University of Minnesota’s medicinal chemistry program. During the past two years, Garcia participated in the Nevada Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence, Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, and other research opportunity programs. During her studies at Nevada State College, she conducted extensive research on nucleophilic aromatic substitution, which was highlighted in multiple publications and conferences.
The 2016 President’s Medal recipients are:  Fred Gibson, Jr., John Gibson, and Otto Merida.
Fred Gibson, Jr.
A life-long supporter of education in Nevada, Fred Gibson, Jr. is passionately involved in education at all levels. He served as CEO, chairman of the board, and president of AMPAC (a packaging solutions company) and its subsidiaries from 1985 to 1997. Prior to that, Gibson served as chairman, president, and CEO of Pacific Engineering Production Company of Nevada. He has received numerous awards, including the Distinguished Nevadan Award from the Nevada Board of Regents, an honorary doctorate from the University of Nevada, Reno, NASA’s Distinguished Public Service Medal, and the Desert Research Institute President’s Medal.
John Gibson
After a successful 28-year career in the steel industry, John Gibson joined AMPAC in 1992 as vice president and served as CEO starting in 1997 until his retirement in 2009. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve. Gibson now serves as president and chairman of the Keystone Corporation, a political action organization. He also serves on the executive committee of the Nevada Taxpayers Association. Additionally, Gibson is a member of the Nevada State College Foundation Board, and he sits on the advisory committees for the School of Science at UNR and the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is a recipient of the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal and the Louis T. Benezet Award at Colorado College.
Otto Merida
Born in Havana, Cuba, Otto Merida came to America as a political refugee in 1961. He made his way to Las Vegas in 1974, where he worked for the Nevada Department of Education and the Comprehensive Employment and Training Program. In the late 1970s, Merida helped establish the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce, which has grown to 1,500 members today. Merida is a former chairman of the Las Vegas Housing Authority, past board member of the State Public Works Board and now serves as a governor’s appointee on the Nevada Commission on Economic Development.