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As the first digital academic library in the state of Nevada, the Marydean Martin Library focuses its effort on improving outcomes for the College’s largely first-generation, diverse, and underrepresented student population.

The Library regularly partners with faculty on course design; enhances the affordability of course content with open educational resources; and collaborates with faculty to integrate new technology such as 3D printing services into the curriculum.

The Library also has a deep collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research that has led to research findings indicating that students who use the library’s digital collections and services have improved research assignment grades, semester GPA, academic standing, and one-term retention.


Our Mission

The Marydean Martin Library is a network of services, spaces, and expertise dedicated to leveraging evidence-based practices to create exemplary learning experiences.


The Library Advisory Board serves in a strategic advisory role as a liaison between faculty and the College Library. The Board provides feedback and recommendations to the library on services, collections, and space.

Heidi Batiste, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Cecilia Fernan, School of Nursing

Pam Levins, Finance & Business Office

Lori Navarette, School of Education

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